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September Highlights

NEW REPORT: Ever wonder what seafood you need to limit to keep your mercury levels low, and which fish are highest in healthful omega-3 fatty acids? EWG published a new Seafood Guide to help you do just that - learn what seafood is best to eat and which to avoid or limit based on health and sustainability concerns. Plus, EWG rolled out a new seafood calculator to provide personalized recommendations based on your age, weight and gender, and whether you're pregnant or planning to be. Read More

NEW REPORT: A new EWG map showed that mining for special sands used in fracking for gas and oil had spread across parts of the Midwest, exposing tens of thousands of people to airborne silica, a potentially serious health risk. The mapping showed that in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa, more than 58,000 people are living less than half a mile from existing or proposed sand mines that can release the fine silica particles into the air, degrading air quality and potentially causing a variety of health problems, particularly in children and other vulnerable populations.

EWG's interactive map included before-and-after photos of the destruction caused by frac sand mining and information about the potential health risks.
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GREAT NEWS: California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill into law requiring upholstered furniture to carry labels telling shoppers whether it contains toxic flame retardant chemicals! The law will help push manufacturers to remove these unnecessary and dangerous chemicals from furniture. Read More