Elise Museles


Elise Museles is an attorney turned certified eating psychology and nutrition expert. She helps women stuck in a motivation-to-frustration cycle to adopt a more joyful and positive approach to nourishment, which starts with the food on the plate but ultimately extends to all areas of life.

Through her insightful blog posts at Kale & Chocolate and innovative programs, she shows you how to heal your relationship with food and body – by creating a happy, whole and healthy food story.

Elise’s advice has been featured on “The Daily Love,” “Washingtonian Well + Being,” WTOP radio, “Rebelle Society” as well as in other top lifestyle and nutrition publications. Her recipes are part of the 10-day program in Dr. Chutkan’s New York Times bestseller “Gutbliss.” Elise also received a grant to teach her nutrition workshops at the Children’s Inn at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Believing that ongoing education is a key piece of the nutritional puzzle, Elise holds degrees and certifications from UC Berkeley, George Washington University School of Law, Cornell University, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the Institute for Psychology of Eating.

When she’s not sharing the merits of nutritious food and inspiring people to delve into their food stories, you can find her whipping up beautiful meals with all the guys in her family, romping in the woods alongside her adorable golden retrievers or turning upside down on her yoga mat.