Barbara Paldus


Barbara Paldus is the founder of Codex Beauty. A scientist, engineer and entrepreneur, Paldus has been awarded more than 30 U.S. patents and numerous honors for her achievements in science. She brings her unique knowledge to Codex, working to discover, curate, innovate and lead all aspects of the botanical beauty company.

Paldus grew up in Canada and Europe. Before launching Codex Beauty, she spent two decades as a leader in the fields of spectroscopy, telecommunications and biotechnology. By age 34, she had co-founded two Silicon Valley companies that, among many breakthroughs, helped paved the way for carbon cycle measurements, food integrity testing, accessible vaccines, personalized medicine and cell therapy.

Naturally curious about botanical beauty, Paldus discovered that many go-to practices in the skincare industry do not yield the most potent results or adhere to the standards of regulated industries.

Inspired, Paldus traveled to places near and far – from Ireland to Chile, from India to Iceland – and encountered experts dedicated to pure ingredients and sustainable techniques. Building on these experiences, Paldus went on to assemble experts across a range of specialties and disciplines to build the deep expertise that Codex Beauty is based on.

Paldus holds a Bachelor of Science in math and electrical engineering from the University of Waterloo, in Canada, and a doctorate in electrical and electronics engineering from Stanford University.