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Dibromoacetic acid

Status: No national drinking water standard exists


Dibromoacetic acid, one of the group of five haloacetic acids regulated by federal standards, is formed when chlorine or other disinfectants are used to treat drinking water. Haloacetic acids and other disinfection byproducts increase the risk of cancer and may cause problems during pregnancy. Click here to read more about disinfection byproducts.




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150 million

people served

Health concerns for dibromoacetic acid


Change to fetal growth and development

States reporting dibromoacetic acid in drinking water

State UtilitiesPeople Served
North Carolina4686,121,724
New York8355,613,492
New Jersey1364,681,184
South Carolina2023,053,293
New Mexico2921,749,142
West Virginia182952,767
District Of Columbia4664,572
North Dakota167501,239
Rhode Island18345,625
New Hampshire49266,205
South Dakota2763

Filtering technologies that reduce dibromoacetic acid

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Activated Carbon

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Reverse Osmosis

Utilities with the highest amounts of dibromoacetic acid, 2015-2017

UtilityLocationTestsAverage levelPeople served
Country Estates Water System SouthWest Monroe, LA4 of 457.1 ppb600
Town of Plain Dealing Water SystemPlain Dealing, LA48 of 4837.9 ppb2,733
Bianchi Flowers Inc.Pescadero, CA5 of 737.1 ppb65
Litroe Water SystemMarion, LA48 of 4834.1 ppb369
Pleasant Hills-crossroads Water SystemsJoyce, LA52 of 5233.8 ppb840
Wards Chapel Water SystemFarmerville, LA44 of 4432.5 ppb1,350
Concord Water SystemMarion, LA48 of 4829.4 ppb426
Mountain Park Public Works AuthorityMountain Park, OK12 of 1227.0 ppb473
Millersview-doole Water Supply Corporation*Millersview, TX24 of 2426.0 ppb3,987
Holmesville Water System*Downsville, LA48 of 4825.9 ppb2,310
The Trails S/dChapel Hill, NC1 of 225.5 ppb246
Linville-haile Water SystemMarion, LA46 of 4825.1 ppb1,635
Tx Airstream Harbor Water*Zavalla, TX12 of 1224.9 ppb174
Rowena Water Supply CorporationRowena, TX12 of 1224.2 ppb480
Turtle Cove Lot Owners AssociationFreeport, TX12 of 1223.7 ppb66
Coke County Water Supply CorporationRobert Lee, TX22 of 2423.5 ppb523
City of Paint RockPaint Rock, TX12 of 1223.3 ppb247
Town of Friars PointFriars Point, MS1 of 123.0 ppb1,200
Country Estates Water System NorthWest Monroe, LA34 of 3822.8 ppb597
Indiahoma Public Works AuthorityIndiahoma, OK11 of 1122.2 ppb350
Panoramic Mesa SubdivisionSilt, CO5 of 521.7 ppb45
Union Parish Waterworks District 1Farmerville, LA38 of 4021.6 ppb1,626
Nueces County WCID 3*Robstown, TX47 of 4821.5 ppb14,607
Comanche County Rural Water District #4*Cache, OK19 of 1921.1 ppb3,000
Harper County Rural Water District 2Anthony, KS1 of 121.0 ppb174
Jones Mcginty Water SystemJones, LA48 of 4820.8 ppb801
City of LuedersLueders, TX22 of 2420.8 ppb525
La Playa Subdivision Water SystemKirbyville, TX6 of 620.6 ppb59
Sardis Water SystemGilbert, LA48 of 4820.4 ppb1,404
Sun N Fun AssociationZavalla, TX12 of 1220.4 ppb77
Pleasant Valley Mobile Home ParkDundee, NY2 of 220.0 ppb39
Kensington, City ofKensington, KS1 of 120.0 ppb461
Merino, Town ofFort Collins, CO10 of 1019.9 ppb235
Ericksdahl Water Supply CorporationStamford, TX24 of 2419.8 ppb275
River Acres Water Supply CorporationRobstown, TX16 of 1619.8 ppb2,700
Norton, City ofNorton, KS12 of 1219.8 ppb2,846
Marion Water SystemMarion, LA48 of 4819.6 ppb1,146
Village of Calvin Water SystemCalvin, LA46 of 4819.3 ppb591
Rocky Branch Water SystemFarmerville, LA48 of 4819.2 ppb1,410
Eagle Cove Water AssociationFriday Harbor, WA3 of 319.0 ppb60
City of Rio HondoRio Hondo, TX17 of 1719.0 ppb2,400
Walnut Ridge Estates Water SystemZavalla, TX11 of 1218.8 ppb178
Village of Surfside BeachFreeport, TX20 of 2418.5 ppb3,477
City of GrafordGraford, TX16 of 1718.3 ppb584
Pappas & Company (mendota)Mendota, CA11 of 1218.2 ppb25
Point Wilhite Ws*Downsville, LA56 of 6218.1 ppb1,950
Maysville Regional WaterWhite Cottage, OH24 of 2418.1 ppb6,540
Coast Springs - Cal. Water Service (puc)San Jose, CA4 of 418.0 ppb210
Pappas & Company (coalinga)Mendota, CA11 of 1217.5 ppb25
San Luis HillsLos Banos, CA13 of 1317.4 ppb300

* This water utility supplies finished drinking water to at least one other water utility. The purchasing utility is not required to test for or report Dibromoacetic acid, but it likely has the contaminant in its water supply.

UtilityLocationTestsAverage levelPeople served
Nueces County WCID 3*Robstown, TX47 of 4821.5 ppb14,607
City of Abilene*Abilene, TX96 of 9614.5 ppb123,886
Southwest Ouachita Waterworks Inc.West Monroe, LA40 of 4014.4 ppb10,092
Agua SUDMission, TX48 of 4814.2 ppb46,950
City of Mineral Wells*Mineral Wells, TX41 of 4814.1 ppb14,826
Military Highway WSC - Las Rusias WTPProgreso, TX42 of 4213.9 ppb14,292
City of San Angelo*San Angelo, TX96 of 9613.7 ppb100,450
City of Beeville*Beeville, TX48 of 4813.0 ppb15,039
Brownville Water SystemWest Monroe, LA28 of 3612.5 ppb10,872
City of RaymondvilleRaymondville, TX48 of 4812.4 ppb11,288
Beaver Falls Municipal Authority*Beaver Falls, PA4 of 412.3 ppb50,000
City of LemooreLemoore, CA47 of 4812.1 ppb24,945
City of EdinburgEdinburg, TX96 of 9612.0 ppb77,100
Hudson Water Supply CorporationLufkin, TX20 of 2011.7 ppb10,211
Laguna Madre Water DistrictPort Isabel, TX48 of 4811.6 ppb19,317
City of Rockport*Rockport, TX48 of 4811.4 ppb26,450
Nueces County WCID 4Port Aransas, TX48 of 4811.1 ppb11,403
McAllen Public UtilityMcallen, TX96 of 9610.7 ppb168,909
City of Mercedes*Mercedes, TX47 of 4810.7 ppb15,700
City of MissionMission, TX48 of 4810.7 ppb77,058
City of DonnaDonna, TX44 of 4810.6 ppb16,176
City of Hays*Hays, KS48 of 4810.5 ppb21,044
Weirton Area Water Board*Weirton, WV36 of 3610.5 ppb22,694
City of PharrPharr, TX92 of 969.73 ppb77,320
City of MidlandMidland, TX76 of 969.56 ppb132,950
West Hwy 80 Ark Road WSWest Monroe, LA66 of 969.53 ppb13,386
City of San JuanSan Juan, TX46 of 489.45 ppb30,000
City of Rio Grande City*Rio Grande City, TX48 of 489.23 ppb17,901
City of Big Spring*Big Spring, TX48 of 489.22 ppb27,282
West Monroe Water SystemWest Monroe, LA88 of 969.00 ppb15,930
Lemoore Naval Air StationNas Lemoore, CA58 of 608.85 ppb11,500
City of Weslaco*Weslaco, TX48 of 488.71 ppb32,092
City of San BenitoSan Benito, TX47 of 478.63 ppb24,250
General Authority of Franklin*Franklin, PA2 of 28.50 ppb10,000
East Rio Hondo WSC*Rio Hondo, TX44 of 488.41 ppb21,726
City of HanfordHanford, CA35 of 368.40 ppb55,880
City of Corpus Christi*Corpus Christi, TX144 of 1448.39 ppb325,733
CoalingaCoalinga, CA48 of 488.33 ppb19,362
Zapata County Waterworks SWTP*Zapata, TX48 of 488.30 ppb11,625
City of AlamoAlamo, TX48 of 488.16 ppb18,363
City of PortlandPortland, TX48 of 488.12 ppb20,000
Sharyland Water Supply CorporationMission, TX47 of 487.85 ppb54,519
Harlingen Water Works System*Harlingen, TX93 of 957.81 ppb85,900
Los Angeles County WW District 4 & 34-LancasterAlhambra, CA68 of 777.71 ppb180,131
Quartz Hill Water District*Quartz Hill, CA47 of 487.58 ppb22,000
City of Alice*Alice, TX48 of 487.49 ppb25,263
City of MendotaMendota, CA48 of 487.48 ppb11,104
City of LampasasLampasas, TX24 of 247.48 ppb10,236
City of Junction City*Junction City, KS48 of 487.42 ppb24,665
Kempner WSC*Kempner, TX47 of 487.21 ppb17,031

* This water utility supplies finished drinking water to at least one other water utility. The purchasing utility is not required to test for or report Dibromoacetic acid, but it likely has the contaminant in its water supply.