EWG's Tap Water Database — 2021 UPDATE



Status: No national drinking water standard exists


Acetone is a solvent used for many industrial purposes.




states detected


utilities detected

4.7 million

people served

Health concerns for acetone

Change to the central nervous system

States reporting acetone in drinking water

State UtilitiesPeople Served
New York5165,537
New Jersey1077,083
West Virginia229,967
New Hampshire1321,007

Utilities with the highest amounts of acetone, 2017-2019

UtilityLocationTestsAverage levelPeople served
Lake Livingston Eagles Nest WaterLivingston, TX1 of 1579.0 ppb65
Marchi Central FarmPescadero, CA1 of 1240.0 ppb50
Oakdale Manor Water AssociationSouthbury, CT2 of 2188.0 ppb40
Gmnp Pine SpringsSalt Flat, TX4 of 698.4 ppb30
Water Association of North LakeAubrey, TX1 of 471.0 ppb29
Rocky Creek Subdivision Water SystemPflugerville, TX1 of 655.0 ppb117
BabbittBabbitt, MN2 of 247.5 ppb1,200
City of Bridge CityBridge City, TX1 of 1241.1 ppb8,651
City of IraanIraan, TX3 of 536.2 ppb1,229
KinneyKinney, MN1 of 234.5 ppb152
City of BarstowBarstow, TX3 of 532.8 ppb750
City of Pecos*Pecos, TX3 of 532.8 ppb12,480
City of ToyahToyah, TX3 of 631.4 ppb300
Sheffield Water Supply CorporationSheffield, TX4 of 629.6 ppb463
City of Fort StocktonFort Stockton, TX8 of 1028.3 ppb12,502
Madera Valley Water Supply CorporationVerhalen, TX9 of 1527.1 ppb2,001
Hampstead Area WaterAtkinson, NH1 of 2826.4 ppb2,838
Brookwood Musconetcong River Property Owners AssociationStanhope, NJ1 of 126.1 ppb1,200
Md#43 Miami Creek KnollsMadera, CA1 of 125.0 ppb100
City of Van Horn*Van Horn, TX3 of 624.5 ppb2,063
Shafter MineMarfa, TX1 of 223.7 ppb73
Hills & DalesPflugerville, TX1 of 1022.7 ppb222
Bass Lake Heights Mutual WaterOakhurst, CA1 of 322.3 ppb250
Beaumont PlaceCypress, TX1 of 822.3 ppb2,082
Rio WaterworksRio, WI2 of 222.0 ppb1,058
Lajitas On The Rio GrandeDallas, TX4 of 521.8 ppb942
Vista Verde Water SystemsKirbyville, TX1 of 620.2 ppb111
HermantownHermantown, MN1 of 519.6 ppb5,055
ProctorProctor, MN1 of 519.6 ppb3,088
Rice LakeDuluth, MN1 of 519.6 ppb1,323
Duluth*Duluth, MN1 of 519.6 ppb86,859
El Paso County Water Control and Improvement District 4 FabensFabens, TX3 of 919.0 ppb8,100
Fort Davis EstatesAlpine, TX3 of 618.7 ppb100
Beaver BayBeaver Bay, MN4 of 1218.5 ppb181
Pecos County Water Control and Improvement District 1Fort Stockton, TX4 of 518.1 ppb3,612
Peu/spruce Pond EstatesMerrimack, NH1 of 217.5 ppb120
Wayland Water DepartmentWayland, MA17 of 3517.2 ppb14,430
Two HarborsTwo Harbors, MN2 of 517.2 ppb3,613
Knolls Water Company Inc.West Nyack, NY1 of 117.0 ppb282
Ut Mcdonald ObservatoryAustin, TX3 of 516.9 ppb163
Hillview Water Co-coarsegoldOakhurst, CA1 of 216.5 ppb79
Little Johns Trailer ParkN. Norwich, NY1 of 116.0 ppb43
City of Lock Haven Water DepartmentLock Haven, PA3 of 315.8 ppb9,890
City of PresidioPresidio, TX3 of 515.1 ppb5,106
MckinleyMckinley, MN1 of 215.0 ppb110
Johnson CreekDurham, NH1 of 215.0 ppb50
City of Balmorhea*Balmorhea, TX3 of 514.9 ppb415
City of ValentineValentine, TX2 of 614.8 ppb190
Mcfarland Village ApartmentsHouston, TX1 of 514.6 ppb120
Peu/hardwood Hts Birch HillMerrimack, NH1 of 414.5 ppb100

* This water utility supplies finished drinking water to at least one other water utility. The purchasing utility is not required to test for or report Acetone, but it likely has the contaminant in its water supply.

UtilityLocationTestsAverage levelPeople served
City of Pecos*Pecos, TX3 of 532.8 ppb12,480
City of Fort StocktonFort Stockton, TX8 of 1028.3 ppb12,502
Duluth*Duluth, MN1 of 519.6 ppb86,859
Wayland Water DepartmentWayland, MA17 of 3517.2 ppb14,430
Town of AddisonAddison, TX9 of 1212.0 ppb15,458
Dallas Water Utility*Dallas, TX9 of 1212.0 ppb1,286,380
City of DesotoDesoto, TX9 of 1212.0 ppb51,700
City of DuncanvilleDuncanville, TX9 of 1212.0 ppb39,826
City of Lancaster*Lancaster, TX9 of 1212.0 ppb37,550
City of Seagoville*Seagoville, TX9 of 1212.0 ppb15,900
City of Balch SpringsBalch Springs, TX9 of 1212.0 ppb30,234
City of CarrolltonCarrollton, TX9 of 1212.0 ppb127,980
City of CoppellCoppell, TX9 of 1212.0 ppb41,100
City of Farmers BranchFarmers Branch, TX9 of 1212.0 ppb31,560
City of IrvingIrving, TX9 of 1212.0 ppb238,829
South Putnam PSD*Scott Depot, WV1 of 111.0 ppb21,719
City of Grand PrairieGrand Prairie, TX19 of 2510.9 ppb187,050
East Fork SUDWylie, TX15 of 1710.9 ppb13,596
City of McKinney*Mckinney, TX15 of 1710.9 ppb169,710
City of MurphyMurphy, TX15 of 1710.9 ppb20,361
City of SachseSachse, TX15 of 1710.9 ppb25,937
Town of ProsperProsper, TX15 of 1710.9 ppb22,650
Town of Little Elm*Little Elm, TX15 of 1710.9 ppb41,796
City of GarlandGarland, TX15 of 1710.9 ppb236,786
City of Mesquite*Mesquite, TX15 of 1710.9 ppb143,350
City of RichardsonRichardson, TX15 of 1710.9 ppb104,300
City of RowlettRowlett, TX15 of 1710.9 ppb59,300
City of AllenAllen, TX15 of 1710.9 ppb102,762
City of Royse CityRoyse City, TX15 of 1710.9 ppb14,212
City of Forney*Forney, TX15 of 1710.9 ppb19,122
City of Terrell*Terrell, TX15 of 1710.9 ppb17,500
City of Rockwall*Rockwall, TX15 of 1710.9 ppb43,750
City of FateFate, TX15 of 1710.9 ppb14,327
Caddo Basin SUDGreenville, TX15 of 1710.9 ppb13,335
City of Frisco*Frisco, TX15 of 1710.9 ppb192,261
City of Plano*Plano, TX15 of 1710.9 ppb277,720
City of Princeton*Princeton, TX15 of 1710.9 ppb16,932
City of WylieWylie, TX15 of 1710.9 ppb44,418
City of ColleyvilleColleyville, TX6 of 69.41 ppb25,010
South Orange Water DepartmentSouth Orange, NJ1 of 29.30 ppb16,964
MVWA - Mohawk Valley Water Authority*Utica, NY2 of 28.75 ppb129,372
City of MarshallMarshall, TX4 of 68.11 ppb23,091
City of Longview*Longview, TX12 of 187.41 ppb80,455
City of Sulphur Springs*Sulphur Springs, TX5 of 67.34 ppb15,449
City of Mabank*Mabank, TX3 of 67.19 ppb11,349
City of Midlothian*Midlothian, TX6 of 137.18 ppb16,728
City of Red OakRed Oak, TX3 of 56.02 ppb10,934
Lower Valley Water DistrictClint, TX22 of 1175.95 ppb53,865
El Paso Water Utilities*El Paso, TX22 of 1175.95 ppb672,538
East Biggs Water SystemSan Dimas, TX22 of 1175.95 ppb15,000

* This water utility supplies finished drinking water to at least one other water utility. The purchasing utility is not required to test for or report Acetone, but it likely has the contaminant in its water supply.