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Clearing The Air

Thursday, June 12, 1997

Clearing The Air

Scare Tactics Plant Farmers In Middle of Clean Air Fight But Smokestacks––Not Plowing––Are The Main Problem

View and Download the report here: Clearing the Air

Although farming contributes little to the problem of airborne toxic particles, farmers suddenly find themselves in the middle of a heated battle over an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposal to improve air quality by reducing emissions from electric utilities, chemical plants and oil companies.

Within recent weeks a coalition of farm and agribusiness groups, while affirming their support for clean air, has stepped forward in opposition to the EPA proposal. Two dozen legislators on the House Agriculture Committee have expressed concern about the air rule’s potential impacts on agriculture in a letter to EPA Administrator Browner. Other farm policy leaders have expressed reservations or opposition to EPA’s air rule in statements to the media or during congressional deliberations. Issues have also been raised by USDA, and by the Department’s Agricultural Air Quality Task Force.

Key Issues: