EPA Must Finish the Job of Protecting People from Dioxin

July 13, 2010

Dioxin: EWG Research on Dioxin

Environmental Working Group research on the ubiquity of dioxin in the human body, and the potential health risks from these exposures that begin in utero, is summarized below.

January 2012 — EWG calls on EPA to Finish Assessment of Dioxin Toxicity

EWG letter to EPA administrator Jackson. Click here to download PDF.

Febuary 2011 — EWG to Dioxin Review Panel

EWG Comments to Dioxin Review Panel

October 2010 — EWG to EPA: Put public health first.

EWG urges EPA’s Science Advisory Board to support the agency’s efforts to finally set a health standard for dioxin, a critical first step to protecting public health from this common food pollutant.

EWG Comments to EPA science board

July 2010 — EWG to EPA: Three decades is long enough.

EWG analysis finds that nursing infants swallow up to 77 times more dioxin than EPA believes is safe; EWG urges EPA to finalize its dioxin assessment begun nearly 30 years ago. Read EWG's analysis, presented to the EPA's Science Advisory Board during its fifth review of EPA's dioxin analysis.

EWG Comments to EPA science board | News release

2003-2009 — Dioxin pollution in people

EWG's body burden studies have found dioxin and other chlorinated dioxins and furans in blood samples from 34 of 34 Americans tested, including cord blood samples collected from 20 newborns at the moment of birth.