Ruffalo: "No longer profitable for 3M to poison us"

WASHINGTON – The following is the statement of Activist and Actor Mark Ruffalo on 3M’s announcement that it will stop manufacturing the “forever chemicals” known as PFAS and discontinue their use:

All of the community leaders and grassroots organizations who have raised their voices or used their power to fight PFAS polluters like 3M should celebrate today’s announcement that it is no longer profitable for 3M to poison us. 3M’s decision to finally stop polluting us comes too late for all of the people who have lost their lives to cancer or suffered from other health harms, but it shows that we can stop even the most notorious polluters when we work together. This would not have happened but for efforts by the community leaders and grassroots organizations, as well as the state and federal legislators, regulators and litigators who fought to finally end needless uses of PFAS and to hold companies like 3M accountable for one of the greatest environmental crimes in history.

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