Ruffalo: Today’s EPA announcement means PFAS polluters must finally pay

WASHINGTON – The following is the statement of Activist and Actor Mark Ruffalo on the Environmental Protection Agency’s designation of the two most notorious types of PFAS chemicals – PFOA and PFOS – as “hazardous substances.”

After knowingly poisoning their workers, neighbors and virtually every living being on the planet, PFAS polluters will finally – FINALLY – be held accountable.

Today’s historic announcement will finally assign the cost of PFAS cleanup to those who have made billions by spreading a cancer-causing chemical to every corner of the earth.

We have all paid for decades – in the forms of higher care costs and higher drinking water bills – for one of the greatest environmental crimes in history. Now, finally, the polluters must pay. Our work is not done, as the polluters will inevitably seek to shirk their responsibilities, and some legislators will inevitably act as their lackeys. But today’s historic announcement sends an unmistakable message: They were poisoning us, it must stop, and they must pay.

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