Where can I get that? Online, of course!

Baby Deciding what children’s products to buy these days is job enough, but it’s really only step 1 of a 2 part process. Because once you’ve logged a few hours online and debated your decision with friends and family, you’ve got to buy the thing. Which entails finding a store that carries it and has it in stock and doesn’t require an entire afternoon of store hopping (so much for trip chaining to reduce emissions!). I’ve spun my wheels (literally and figuratively) a number of times and come home empty handed and frustrated – and that’s in a city with more than a few eco baby stores.

So I’ve done what any time-constrained parent would do who avoids shopping with the little ones at all costs: shop online. No gas, no unhappy kids, no out-of-stock signs, and most importantly, no toxic products after a frustrating attempt to do the right thing (yes, I’ve thrown my hands up in frustration and bought just what I wanted to avoid – more than once). I’ve long wanted to walk into a store and trust every. single. item. there. Doesn’t that sound just great? And if I didn’t know better, I’d say it sounds pretty reasonable. But since - sadly - that’s far from our reality here in the U.S., these online stores are a solid alternative. Plus, there are some online blog-based stores where parent owners vet their products just like I would.

Here are a very few that I’ve tried: Safe Mama, The Soft Landing, Non-Toxic Kids, and Happy Green Baby. But in the interest of compiling a more comprehensive list than what my free time allows, will you share yours? Where on the internet do you turn to purchase non-toxic children’s products?

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