What's your personal body burden?

51ZNvOpy09L._SL500_AA240_.jpgMost of us don't have the money to pay for a personal body burden analysis. And even if you do, you might be among those (like me) who would really rather not know.

I do read about other peoples' chemical body burdens, though. And while the news is generally horrifying, I don't think it hits home quite the same way when it's someone else's flame retardant breast milk or above-average level of PCBs. Don't you harbor the possibility that maybe, just maybe, you're different? That somehow your breastmilk is pure, your baby wasn't ingesting toxic chemicals when she was 3 weeks old - straight from your body? It's easy to do, even though the extensive body burden analyses conducted this century show that no-one is uncontaminated. No-one.

Get your score. Now there's a way to get an estimate of your body burden without going broke or providing blood and urine samples. We partnered with Sloan Barnett to create a simple online house tour that calculates your probable body burden based on your household environment and products - since they're a major source of our bodies' chemical loads. So this tool doesn't just deliver the bad news. It starts with the cause, making it that much easier to green your home and improve your health.

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