What's going on with toxic chemicals in cosmetics?

It's a question most people are surprised by, in a "Huh, that's something I need to think about?" way. Check out this new video from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a coalition of nonprofits, co-founded by EWG, that works to get toxic chemicals out of personal care products. As it makes all too clear, your average park-goer thinks that some government agency regulates personal care products to make sure they're safe.

That's what really gets me angry -- it's bad enough that there's no testing required before products are allowed on the market, and that there are no regulations against, say, carcinogens in your baby shampoo. But shouldn't the FDA be doing what American citizens assume it does?

So, really, FDA, what IS going on with toxic chemicals in cosmetics?!? (Sure looks like not much.) Written by Amy Rosenthal

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