What have they been waiting for?

Readers Dear- spotty internet access while traveling this week has led to an unfortunate dearth of posts, for which I apologize. I'm visiting family and friends in New England, New York, and New Jersey (and wondering why on earth our forebears weren't more creative when naming their new homes). I hope your year is wrapping up nicely and that you're looking forward to 2008!

This video, from the League of Conservation Voters' What Are They Waiting For campaign, highlights the inane and ridiculous questions that have been asked of presidential candidates, while questions about global warming have been almost entirely ignored.

When I brought the video up to friends, one of them asked an interesting and pertinent question. Why didn't this campaign start months ago? Why, he asked, did environmentalists wait so long to bash these journalists, months and months, thousands of questions, and right up to the very end of the primary season, when there are so few debates left? Why did they wait until their best windows for introducing these questions into the campaign were already shut?

That's a good question. We're not sure what they were waiting for, but we're glad the League is speaking up.

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