Toxic parties? You bet.

By Lisa Frack

I'm a veteran of many a house party for change - and a big fan of the concept. In fact, I got started in online activism at a friend's Moms Rising house party, where we watched a short film and discussed how we could create change - in our own lives and in the public policies that govern them.

For some of us it was the beginning of some serious activism, for others it was more of a consciousness raising and a chance to connect with friends about important issues - all important outcomes.

Since these parties are such a fun, effective way to learn and get active on an issue that you care about, I want to share four ready-made house parties with you. All about toxics, of course. Something for everyone:

Get your kit and take a look at some parties in the spotlight.

  1. '10 Americans' party for Kid-Safe chemicals As you know if you're a regular Enviroblog reader, EWG is working hard to pass the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act in Congress (because the current law is broke, broke, broke). But we can't do it without your help!

    One effective way to inspire grassroots involvement is for supporters like you to host a house party to inform and inspire your social network to speak up, too. A cornerstone of the party is our '10 Americans' video about toxics policy (it's entertaining, I promise!) - so you can inform and inspire your guests at the press of a button.

    It's simple, and we'll help you every step of the way. Just email Lisa here.

  2. Healthy Home Party Healthy Child, Healthy World bring us this kit - with a short video on creating healthy environments for children - to makeover your home. As they say:
    We would like to help you raise awareness and action through community education. With the information we provide, you'll be able to educate and empower your family, friends, schools, and community to protect children's health and development from the common contaminants we are exposed to every day. YOU can make a big difference and inspire those around you to take Easy Steps to create safer and healthier living environments.
  3. Green cleaning party Women's Voices for the Earth has it all figured out to help you bring together your friends and family to make non-toxic cleaning products and learn about household cleaning chemicals, which, like tens of thousands of chemicals found in the consumer marketplace, are available with virtually no information on the potential consequences for human health and little oversight by the government.
  4. Safe cosmetics party The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has a party kit for guests to make their own cosmetics and learn about the policy issues related to cosmetics safety.

Know of any others? Have you hosted one a house party with a purpose? We'd love to hear about it.

[A big thanks to cafemama for yet another perfect pic]

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