Tips from the make-up artist

cosmeticsdisplay.jpg Prior to working at EWG, I was the happy ignorant consumer. I got my cosmetics at the regular drug stores, believing that what I buy is safe, because, otherwise it wouldn’t be there.

Since working here, however, my beliefs and my shopping habits have changed. I no longer shop without paying close attention and I am even getting better at reading labels.

More and more people are becoming aware of the ecological impact that cosmetics have. A lot of chemicals we put on ourselves are absorbed into our skin and are therefore as important as those we put in our body. Our studies show that we often can find those ingredients in human blood and that they even pollute pre-born babies. In addition, as we remove the cosmetics from our body, the go down the stream to pollute water sources.

Slowly but surely, people are realizing the impact of personal care products. People dealing with make up, like make up artists, are often the leaders of the trend.

This is no different for Paige Padgett, recently selected as one of three green makeup artists for the 18th Annual Environmental Media Awards in Los Angeles. Page made it her goal to be environmentally conscious in her profession, investigating ingredients, packaging and chemicals and is working hard to help people reduce their CCF (Cosmetic Carbon Footprint)

Some of her tips for consumers are:

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