Teen Body Burden – Where Are They Now?

Six years ago, EWG tested the blood and urine of 20 young adults. We wanted to know whether teens would show higher levels of chemicals associated with cosmetics and other personal care products, since we knew that they used an average of 17 of them every day.

What we found was eye-opening.

It was the first time anyone had taken a close look at teens’ exposures to chemicals in cosmetics – exposures that occur during a period of accelerated physical and mental development. And the tests found 16 chemicals that can interfere with the hormone system. When our volunteers learned their results, they all made life changes.

That experience was informed by EWG’s Skin Deep database, so we decided to get back in touch with some of the young people we tested to see where they are now – and to help us celebrate Skin Deep’s 10th anniversary.

Click here to watch an interview with Jessica Assaf, one of the teen body burden volunteers.

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