Stock Up On Sunscreen With Your FSA Dollars

With much of the country buried beneath snow and battling frigid temperatures, most Americans are focused on scarves and shovels, not sun safety and skin cancer. While sunscreen is likely not at the top of your shopping list, it should be!

Do you have a flexible spending account? Some FSAs – the employer-based programs that permit tax-free dollars to be used to purchase medical products and services -- have a grace period that allow participants to spend FSA funds unused in 2014. If you have one of these plans with a grace period, it’s likely that you’re faced with a deadline of March 15, which is quickly approaching

One easy way to spend this extra money is to shop at – a curated website that displays only those products that are FSA-eligible, eliminating guesswork about what qualifies. You can even use your FSA-debit card to make purchases instead of filing for reimbursement!

Covering up and seeking shade are the best ways to protect yourself from the sun’s damaging rays, but when you must be outside in intense sun, use safe and effective sunscreen.

News cases of melanoma in the U.S. tripled over the last 35 years. Skin cancer is the most common form of all cancers among Americans.  We  must all be mindful of sun exposure throughout the year.

So before you hit the ski slopes, stock up on safer, healthier sunscreen at Just remember, not all sunscreens are equally safe and effective– ingredients matter!

EWG’s Guide to Sunscreen takes the guesswork out of buying sun care products. Consult the database to select better products, such as those with broad-spectrum protection and options without harmful ingredients like oxybenzone and vitamin A.

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