Starbucks' massive water waste

WasteWater.JPGThere are few things that we can all do without in life. And then, there are some that we definitely can’t do without. Like water.

Water has become major a human rights, environmental, and public health issue in recent years. The reason for that there is just not enough of it to go around. The numbers of those struggling to meet their basic water needs increases as the time goes. However, those who have access to fresh water are still not doing everything they could to stop wasting it. Some do very little.

Starbucks is a great example of somebody that wastes water. The U.S. owned multinational coffee giant, according to the recent reports, is wasting 23 million liters of water, daily. That is 607 595 gallons, or full Olympic pool, every 83 minutes. Or enough to supply two million people with water in countries suffering drought.

Starbucks wastes water by leaving the taps running in its worldwide stores all day. The Starbucks officials defend that practice by saying that the purpose is to clean utensils and meet health standards.

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