Relax, it's baby safety month

2856785624_b2a1c1fe2c.jpgThanks to Nature's Child for reminding me that September is Baby Safety Month at the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). I feel a little safer now, don't you?

So it's no secret that I'm less than impressed by their recent performance. But what's so ironic about this honorary month is the total absence of any guidance from the CPSC for keeping babies safe from the toxic chemicals commonly used on and in baby products.

They remind us to take the standard precautions that our parents and grandparents took (stay away from cords and sharp objects!), plus some newfangled additions like back sleeping and narrow crib slat widths. All good advice, yes. But not one word about environmental health in the midst of a consumer firestorm over toxics? A time when some chemicals are so commonly reviled that Wal-Mart is discontinuing baby bottles that contain BPA and Congress up and banned phthalates? When laypeople talk about endocrine-disruptors, and understand them. OK, so it's not that surprising. Just disappointing and, uh, not completely baby safe.

Well if the CPSC isn't going to give us the skinny on what else we can do to keep our babies safe, we will. For starters, check out our For Parents web page, taking special note of our Baby-Safe Bottles and Formula Guide, mercury safety guide, and our newest 10 Tips for a Healthy Home. And last but not least, check baby's personal care products in our Skin Deep database or peruse our 1-page cheat sheet with ingredients to avoid and safer product tips.

And don't forget! As Acting Chairman of the CPSC Nancy Nord reminds us, “Parents should be especially vigilant when preparing for a new baby. Babies represent our most precious and vulnerable population.” We couldn't agree more. To see how much, read about the Kid Safe Chemicals Act. Now that would make for some safer babies.

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