Print greener with Green Print

greenprint.jpg Taking action to protect the planet is often looked at as a trade-off. If it's better for the environment, it probably requires extra time, effort, or money, right?

Not this time. Green Print is a software program that saves on paper when you print a document or web page -- and that saves money and trees.

We all love the idea of a paperless office, but let's face it: some things will be printed. How many times have you printed an email, only to have the last page be nothing but the sender's signature? Or printed a recipe and ended up with an extra page with the site's banner ad and logo? Even if you re-use the blank side (which many don't, unfortunately), you've still wasted a half a sheet of paper! I'll 'fess up --I always feel guilty when that happens.

Green Print scans the web page to be printed and identifies those wasted pages so that they never make it to the printer. It also allows you to choose which pages you want to print, and the software's print-to-PDF system preserves the formatting of the web page to be printed. Plus, the software tracks the number of trees, and the amount of money that you've saved.

Green Print World is the perfect solution for individual users and (wait for it . . . ) IT'S FREE! There's also a business-solution version of the software. Right now Green Print is PC-only, but a Mac version is expected to drop later this summer -- and when it does, you can bet that EWG will be using it!

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