Poor and uninsured. Sound familiar?

poorclimate.jpgWe all know that rich and poor are differently affected by things in life. That fact is no different when we talk about the climate change, an issue that affects all of us. In fact, not only are they more affected then rich, but the world's poor might even need insurance to deal with their needs rising from the climate change.

The number of natural catastrophes is increasing and they are becoming more frequent and costly each year. It is becoming clear that demands for humanitarian assistance from consequences of the natural disasters will outgrow demands for war and conflicts assistance.

Migration will become another issue that will result from global warming. Not only animals and plants are moving away from the rising temperatures, humans have started doing the same. It is still early to have accurate projections, but some studies say that up to 50 million people could move from their homes because of climate change within near future.

While being the most affected and vulnerable from it, the poor are also least responsible for the causes. And we all know that governments usually don't pay much attention to them either.

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