Pollution Decreasing Male Births?

Environmental Health Perspectives examines the possible connection between a startlingly low male birth rate and industrial pollution among a population of Native Americans in Ontario living right next to one of Canada's largest concentrations of chemical plants. The area is heavily polluted with PCBs, phthalates and dioxins, all known endocrine disruptors. Canada's average rate for male to female births is roughly 51 to 49; this group's rate of male births has been falling for more than 10 years, and reached just 34.8 percent from 1999-2003. Past studies have documented similar reproductive problems in area wildlife.

EWG's work on phthalates is available here.

Update: The Wall Street Journal is looking at phthalates' effects on male fetal sexual development, too, but you'll need a subscription to read this one.

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