Got MCS?

Awareness about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is increasing nationwide. Cities and states are implementing some form of awareness programs and numerous institutions nationwide are making their workplaces fragrance free. This chronic condition with self-reported symptoms affects estimated 16% of the population.

Numerous studies show nearly 50% of the atmospheric pollutants are man made. It is estimated that more than 2,000 new chemical compounds are introduced annually and that over 60,000 different organic chemicals are used commercially today.

According to recent study, some of the possible triggers for MCS include:

* bleach, fabric softeners, wool-wash, and detergents * household and industrial cleaning chemicals * perfumes, lotion, scented personal care products * air-fresheners and plug ins * anything scented or perfumed * petrol or gasoline, diesel and exhaust fumes * pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and other agricultural chemicals * shampoos, hairsprays and personal care products * dishwashing liquid and detergent (may cause migraine headaches for those without MCS) * most glues (including carpet glue), varnishes, polishes, paints, solvents and paint-thinners * petroleum-based products (including petroleum jelly) * Caffeine

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