EWG Says: The BPA's Gotta Go

400px-Infant_formula Well BPA sure has been in the news a lot lately, huh? And with good reason. We're following the goings on closely, and adding our voice to the debate. We recently sent a letter to top infant formula and canned food producers requesting that they take immediate steps to remove the endocrine-disrupting chemical from canned infant formula and other canned foods.

Because, as we've discussed here on Enviroblog before, if the FDA won't protect public health, consumers will act with their wallets by buying safer products, and advocates - like us - will request that manufacturers make needed changes. Here's what we told the producers:

"Liquid formula is the biggest culprit in exposing infants to a toxic hormone-disrupting chemical, but kid-friendly foods like canned chicken noodle soup and ravioli also have high levels of BPA,” said EWG Senior Analyst Sonya Lunder. “BPA was initially used as a sex hormone. It should never have been allowed to come into contact with infant formula.”

“The evidence is overwhelming that FDA has been the industry’s lapdog,” Lunder said. “Manufacturers must immediately repackage formula and canned food to remove this chemical, shown by many studies to cause brain and reproductive system damage in crucial stages of development."

Read our full comments on BPA in liquid formula here.

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