"Environmental Working Group (EWG) to the rescue."

As we change gears from the Hall of Shame and begin to focus on the upcoming annual EWG Sunscreen Database, EWG research was mentioned in a number of consumer health stories. The Washington Post ran a story on preserving the quality of the Potomac River, reminding readers to chose personal care products wisely as they end up down the drain. Forbes, Treehugger and Mother Nature News all mentioned our Hall of Shame, with the line of the week coming from Treehugger: "Environmental Working Group (EWG) to the rescue."


The Washington Post: The Potomac River, in good health and bad

To find products that are environmentally friendly, go to www.

Shine from Yahoo! Canada: 5 Scary Cosmetic Ingredients Explained

While petrolatum may contain trace impurities of a class of chemicals called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) - probable carcinogens - manufacturers can eliminate the contaminants via a chemical process, says Nneka Leiba, a senior analyst with the Environmental Working Group.

Examiner.com: How to find a healthy alternative to your favorite fine fragrance

According to a study by the Environmental Working Group, it contains 18 secret chemical ingredients not listed on the label.

Chemicals and Cleaners

Forbes: Procter & Gamble Defends Against Claims that Tide Detergents Contain Carcinogens

Similar to the group's popular Skin Deep database for personal care and cosmetic products, the new EWG Cleaners database will enable consumers to search for particular products and find out more about what's in them.

Treehugger: 5 Common Household Cleaners Hazardous to Your Health

Environmental Working Group (EWG) to the rescue.

Mother Nature Network: Group points finger at worst of the worst with Cleaners Hall of Shame list

In anticipation of the release of a comprehensive cleaning product safety database this fall, the Environmental Working Group publishes its Cleaners Hall of Shame list to spotlight all of the lowlights.

KCWY NBC 13 Wyoming: Hidden Dangers of Household Cleaners

The Environmental Working Group created a list called the "Cleaners Hall of Shame".

Consumer Reports: EPA puts Erin Brockovich chemical on drinking water watch list

If you're concerned about chromium-6 contaminating your drinking water, installing a point-of-use water filter in your home could offer protection, according to the Environmental Working Group.

The Sacramento Bee: Integrative Medicine: How to reduce exposure to toxins

For lots of great information on other ways to protect yourself and your family, look up the Environmental Working Group

Patch: Reducing the Risk Of Early Puberty

The Environmental Working Group reports that the plastic bottles used in liquid baby formula may leach excessive amounts of BPA.

Natural Resources

Bloomberg: Drillers May Frack First, Disclose Later Under Draft Plan

The Washington-based Environmental Working Group said in February that some of the chemicals already disclosed by the companies are known to cause cancer or reproductive harm.

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