EnviroHealth in Blogs: What's green and fits in a manila envelope?

macbookair.pngA little light reading for your mid-week enjoyment.

John DeFore of Green Right Now is reporting that three federal agencies have made a commitment to choose EPEAT-certified computers from now on. NASA, the Department of Defense, and the General Services Administration will all be using eco-friendly computers from now on, and so can you -- if you're in the market, check out EPEAT's recommendations.

On a related note: In his keynote speech at the MacWorld conference yesterday, Steve Jobs announced a new environmentally forward-thinking notebook:

Apple is also paying attention to the environment with this new notebook, giving it an enclosure made out of recyclable aluminum, a mercury-free and arsenic-free LCD and glass display, PVC-free internal cables, less power consumption than any other Mac, and even the packaging is less than half as much as other MacBooks and made from 100% recycled material. Heck, the packaging shouldn’t be much with something this thin; Jobs even pulled it from a simple manila envelope in the keynote speech.

Katy is calling on Vermont's Cabot Creamery to stop using rBGH. What's the hold-up, Cabot? You can send them a message from the link on Non-Toxic Kids.

A controversial wind farm off of Cape Cod has been given preliminary approval based on evidence that it won't harm sea-life, tourism or trade. Planetsave has the story.

Liz at The Pump Handle discusses a recent study linking lead exposure and Alzheimer's in primates. Just another reason for stronger regulations.

Baby salmon take shelter in (often disgustingly polluted) urban streams during storms. Just another reason for stronger regulations. (Oh wait -- I think I may be repeating myself.)

Siel's got a lot to say about Clorox's new Green Works line, which features the Sierra Club logo. It may been greener than bleach, but it's not the greenest product on the market, so why does it get special treatment?

And finally, The Greenwash Brigade has a list of websites that you can use as resources when doing your research. How very useful!

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