Envirohealth in Blogs: Warm and toasty

cat_water_bottle.jpgA little light reading for your mid-week enjoyment. Make sure to scroll to the bottom for a call to action, and when you're done with that, be our friend on MySpace!

Cold feet? Allie says get a bed warmer. I just picked up an old-fashioned hot water bottle that ought to do the trick -- that way I can keep the heat off at night.

When confronted with danger, baby sand dollars split in two to increase their chances of survival. Nature is awesome.

Pipes bring clean water into America's homes -- but in some cases, that's not all they bring. Revere discusses the salmonella poisoning in Alamosa, Colorado.

Plant a tree. No, seriously -- Barbara tells you how to get in on the Arbor Day action.

Maria at Red, Green and Blue isn't so sure about branded wind farms. It's probably the best way to get them built and running successfully, but that's a shame.

And finally, a call to action from the Ethicurean: tell EPA not to let Big Ag off the hook for emissions reporting.

Photo by ellentk.

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