Decisions, decisions?

river_bangladesh.jpgThere are two sides to every issue, including global warming. Nope, I am not talking about the "is it really happening" aspect, because we all know there are no questions that our lovely planet is in a poor shape.

A recent article in the BBC series Bangladesh River Journey summarizes it well:

In the West, it is all about greenhouse gases, and the political processes involved in trying to get countries to cut their carbon emissions.

But in countries like Bangladesh - where emissions are comparatively minimal but the potential impact of climate change is enormous - it is about anticipating what will happen and preparing in advance for a world where the sea levels are higher and the weather is more extreme.

This is known as "adaptation."

BBC World Service reporters are traveling the rivers of Bangladesh and looking at the effects of global warming on the people and the country.

It is interesting, as they point out, that people are well “adapted” for many emergencies in countries like Bangladesh, since they know they will be heavily affected by it.

However, it is worrying that many of the places people think of as good shelter are so run down from previous disasters and overall lack of funds that they could be dangerous if people actually go to them.

Meanwhile, the people of Bangladesh didn't make the choices that led to global warming. Choices made in one part of the world have reduced possible choices in this other part of the world.

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