Climate skeptics getting desperate?

slumber under propagandaThings must be looking awfully bad for The Heartland Institute, an American (oil-industry funded) "think-tank" that doesn't buy into this whole global warming business. In February, the Chicago-based group inundated Canadian schools with leaflets and DVDs intended to create the illusion of scientific debate.

The group claims to want to present a more balanced view of global warming. The materials claim that there's no consensus that climate change has been caused by human activities, and that we can actually attribute it to -- wait for it -- the sun. Conveniently, the group's propaganda makes no reference at all to the IPCC's 2007 report on climate change -- you know, that study that won the Nobel Peace Prize. Is it just me, or does that sound like the opposite of balanced?

My guess is that they're getting desperate. Unfortunately, not everyone can smell the desperation on them -- their recent propaganda campaign also went out to Canadian politicians, who've adopted policies thought to be soft on the oil and gas industry.

Photo by Sonya.

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