Climate change a hot topic in the pulpit

From a letter by Rev. Gerald Durley of Atlanta’s Providence Missionary Baptist Church after viewing the climate change documentary The Great Warming:

There is so much which can and must be accomplished when we know what is happening to our environment, and its direct impact on each of our lives. No one person, group or organization can bring about complete awareness and comprehensive change alone. The faith community must become a far-reaching, consistent voice, from pulpits, to exhort the masses to understand, get involved, speak out, and be converted to “SAVE OUR WORLD… FROM US!!”"

  • What we can do to reduce levels of energy consumption;

  • Learn how to effectively join forces with those who are more knowledgeable about improving environmental conditions; and,

  • Discuss in sermons, seminars, workshops, and lectures about health issues, weather conditions, economic concerns, and the negative impact of global warming which are all connected to how the environment is regarded.

Christian Science Monitor, New sermon from the evangelical pulpit: global warming

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