Chocolates for the environment


Finally, the story I was waiting for- we should all eat more chocolate! I can’t be happier!

While there is pretty wide agreement that chocolate is good for you (ok, at least I agree with that), there is indication that chocolate is good for the environment as well since it can help global warming.

NPR’s story takes us into a blooming part of rainforest in eastern Brazil. Rainforest trees store large amounts of carbon, and their destruction can lead to more carbon dioxide and less clean air.

However, we all know that there is less and less rainforest and there will be none left if we continue destroying it in current pace.

According to Dario Ahnert, a plant expert at the State University of Santa Cruz in Eastern Brazil, farmers need incentive to farm in the remaining forest and chocolate can be that incentive.

Cocoa, used to make chocolate, can be farmed without destroying the forest if grown in special ways. This would be good for the forest, the land, but also for farmers as there is a growing demand for environmentally friendly chocolate.

Sometimes, the little things can make a difference. Not for the whole world, but for this corner of the world. If we all took some steps, we could all make some difference. And think about the chocolate. . .

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