Chefs Shine Light On GMOs

I love chefs. They make delicious meals, create food innovations to tantalize our taste buds and have (arguably) some of the best reality TV shows. And now they’ve come together to stand up for our right to know what’s in our food and how it’s made.

Today, 2,000 chefs from 37 different states signed onto Food Policy Action’s petition opposing the Senate’s new version of the DARK Act, introduced by Sen. Roberts, R-Kan.

The petition reads:

As chefs, we have a fundamental right to know what's in the food we cook and serve to our customers. We urge you to reject any attempt to prevent the mandatory labeling of genetically modified food.

The DARK Act would rob us all of the right to know about GMOs by preventing states from implementing mandatory GMO labeling laws.

“Senator Roberts’ outrageous new bill is exactly the kind of anti-transparency measure that voters across the country are rejecting,” said food advocate and FPA co-founder Tom Colicchio.

It’s nice to know that food experts such as Chef Colicchio and others care about how it’s grown. 

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