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Last September, EWG released a Cell Phone Radiation Science Review and a first-of-its-kind database showing the radiation levels of thousands of cell phones. The response was huge - not surprising, given how increasingly attached we are to our phones.

The report is chock-full of information, but we know that not everyone has time to sit down and read it all, so we created a cell phone radiation series here on Enviroblog to break it down into more manageable chunks. Here it is, all in one place for easy perusing:

  • Part 1: The Science - The basic facts on what cell phone radiation is and what current research says about its effects on your health

  • Part 2: 8 Ways to Reduce Your Exposure - We're not telling you to give up your cell phone (like you would). Instead, use these easy tips on how to reduce the amount of radiation coming from your phone.

  • Part 3: Who's Protecting You? - Shouldn't products on the market be safe? Learn what the government currently is doing to regulate cell phones, and what they should be doing.

  • Part 4: What Phones Emit, Bodies Absorb - The specific absorption rate, or SAR value, measures how much radiation your body absorbs. We break down the factors that influence SAR (how you use the phone, where you use the phone, what kind of phone you have), so you know how to minimize what goes into your body.

  • Part 5: Buy smart - One way to reduce your exposure to radiation is by using a phone that has low SAR values to start with. Here's how to find the radiation level of your current phone or one that you're considering buying.

Stay tuned in coming weeks for an update to EWG's cell phone database - we're adding new phones to keep it current. (Hop on our email list to be sure to get the latest news.)

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