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Does your iPhone speak organic?

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Produce pop quiz:
Sally and Donny each have $5 to spend on produce. Sally buys two organic apples ($2.50), two conventional tomatoes ($1.50) and a conventional head of broccoli ($1). Donny gets a conventional head of broccoli ($1), two conventional apples ($1.50) and two organic tomatoes ($2.50). Who is exposed to more pesticides? (Answer below.)

If questions like that make you want to run to the chips & soda aisle, you probably haven't seen EWG's Shopper's Guide to Pesticides yet. Our lists rank fruits and veggies based on levels of pesticide residue, so you know:

  • which conventional produce are OK if organic isn't available
  • how to best budget your produce dollars
  • that Sally is the smarter shopper (apples are #2 on the "Dirty Dozen" list but tomatoes are in the "Clean 15")

[Insert organic "Apple" joke here]
Now, next time you're in Sally or Donny's shoes (you know it's gonna happen), you can whip out your smartphone for the answers. Yup, EWG just created a Shopper's Guide to Pesticides iPhone app, so you'll have the full list of all 43 fruits and veggies we ranked, right on your phone, right in the produce aisle.

So your iPhone can speak organic!

Visit EWG's FoodNews website to download the Shopper's Guide iPhone app or the old-school paper version for your wallet. (And if you like the app, don't forget to leave a positive review!)

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