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Are you addicted to plastic?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A few months ago my family undertook - and managed to survive - a week without buying anything plastic. Like not one single thing - including sliced bread bags (just try and buy sandwich bread without 'em) and those teeny things that attach price tags to new clothes. A challenge for this pretty mainstream family, to say the least.

So I was fascinated to hear about the new indie film Addicted to Plastic: The Rise and Demise of a Modern Miracle. Have you seen it? Here's a trailer to pique your interest:

In this 85-minute film, you'll see plastics being manufactured, being designed, being recycled, being trashed, being burned, being sorted, and being worn - and then some.

The statement that struck me the most was the guy who said 'there are more things we don't know about plastics, than things we do.' And frankly, the more we do find about them, the more there is to not like. Plastic, as the film says, is biting back.

What do you think?

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