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Sunscreen woes? We've got a solution.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yesterday EWG launched a database containing the safety and effectiveness ratings of over 700 sunscreen products — just in time for summer. The site helps consumers select the best possible sunscreen, but what do you do if you just stockpiled Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion (SPF15) or Coppertone Sunblock Lotion 2006, which were among the worst sunscreens? Never fear, ill-fated consumer, I have already thought of some creative and healthy ways to use that sunscreen.

  1. Protect your grape crop like these Californian farmers. Of course, that farmer is using organic sunscreens, so if you're going to use your stockpile make sure you wash thoroughly before consuming. After all, if you don't want those chemicals on you, you sure don't want them in you.
  2. Remove scuff marks from shoes, remove tar spots from car finishes, clean grease/dirt on surfaces and other household uses this writer claims work with Coppertone. He also recommends using it on chapped lips. We wouldn't go that far.
  3. Glaze your homemade pottery. (Err... actually, you'd have to use the good stuff for that — titanium dioxide, the main ingredient, is one of the more safe and effective sunscreens.)
  4. Gel and shape your hair. It might not hold as well as traditional hair products, or smell as nice, but at least your hair won't get a sunburn!
  5. On second thought, maybe you should just throw it out. Check EWG's list of best sunscreens for a replacement!


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