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Alternative energy proven cost effective as well as environmentally friendly

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

The International Energy Agency (IEA) came out with yet another economic report announcing the cost effectiveness of cleaner energy. Through use of energy trends, the World Energy Outlook, a division of IEA, demonstrated that the world will be facing unstable energy supplies at affordable prices and extreme environmental damage due to over-consumption of energy by 2030.

Even with all the gloom and doom, there’s good news if we’re willing to get up and do something. It seems that, much to many anti-alternative energy advocates’ chagrin, alternative energy is less expensive than fossil fuels.

"There are different upfront costs involved, but they are quickly outweighed by savings in fuel expenditure," said IEA executive director Claude Mandil to BBC News.

The report shows that for every dollar used to purchase more efficient electrical appliances and equipment, two dollars are saved in power generation.

With energy demands rising every year and many countries signing onto agreements like Kyoto to reduce their carbon emissions, alternative energy sources will be extremely valuable. What once seemed to be an expensive, unnecessary venture has developed beyond a popular fad into a viable alternative to the current and future energy crises. So go out, buy your florescent bulbs and call your call your energy company to request alternative fuels.

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