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Healed by Grace: Asbestos Giant Tells Libby Victims They Aren't Sick

Tuesday, September 27, 2005
W.R. Grace has taken the power of positive thinking too far, attempting to cure the Libby, Mont., residents the company knowingly poisoned for decades with toxic vermiculite just by saying it isn't so. Grace sent letters to most of the Libby members of the asbestos fund EPA forced them to set up, saying that either they don't have asbestos-related disease, or that they might – but their benefits are being scaled back anyway. These shenanigans are likely due to the potential of Grace's $2.75 million fund to run out – a local group estimates Libby's medical bills at closer to $250 million.

Daily Inter Lake story is here, and EWG's asbestos issues page is here.

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