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Asbestos Bill's Fuzzy Math Draws More Condemnation

Wednesday, September 21, 2005
More and more groups are examining the Senate asbestos bill called FAIR and finding it doesn’t keep its promises – to anyone. Environmental Working Group’s research has shown that the Senate’s answer to the asbestos epidemic is inadequate for the millions who will suffer from exposure to this toxic mineral. Then the research team at the Congressional Budget Office reported that not only do the numbers not add up, but the Specter-Leahy Bill would actually add $6.5 million to the national deficit. And now, ALEC, an alliance of conservative state legislators, has put out its own study showing that FAIR’s trust fund would go broke in about three years.

The Judiciary Committee passed the bill out onto the Senate floor in May, '05. But with criticism coming from all corners, and the epidemic in their own back yards, can Senators cast their votes for this bill? Stay tuned....


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