EWG’s Earth Day

Creating a healthy planet

We are taking action to protect the health of our planet and our families.

Hosted by EWG’s Board of Directors

April 21, 2022
5 to 6 p.m. PT
LIVE program

Hosted by EWG’s Board of Directors

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Cory Booker headshot
Senator Cory Booker
Michelle Pfeiffer headshot
Michelle Pfeiffer,
Founder and Actress

We invite you to celebrate
Earth Day with EWG!

Each year during the month of April, we take time to reflect on the progress we have made to clean up our environment and what work is still to come. EWG has worked for decades to empower you to live a healthier life in a healthier environment. Millions of people rely on EWG to make daily decisions that protect their family and their communities from harmful chemicals. This Earth Day, it’s even more important to remind people about the importance of taking action, not just to protect their families but to preserve our planet.

This year, on April 21 – the eve of Earth Day – join EWG in creating a healthy planet. From PFAS pollution to the impact of food and agriculture on the climate, come hear real life stories about how and why EWG’s work is so important to creating change and protecting the health of people and the environment.


Melanie Benesh headshot
Melanie Benesh
Legislative Attorney, EWG
Cory Booker headshot
Senator Cory Booker
Ken Cook headshot
Ken Cook
President and Co-Founder, EWG
Sydney Evans headshot
Sydney Evans
Science Analyst, EWG
Scott Faber headshot
Scott Faber
Senior VP, Government Affairs, EWG
Hope Grosse headshot
Hope Grosse
Co-founder, Buxmont Coalition for Safer Water
Michelle Pfeiffer headshot
Michelle Pfeiffer
Founder and Actress
Mark Ruffalo headshot
Mark Ruffalo
Actor and Activist
Joanne Stanton headshot
Joanne Stanton
Co-founder, Buxmont Coalition for Safer Water

Join us for EWG's LIVE Earth Day Celebration at 5 p.m. PT. You will hear from EWG experts and special guests on our latest research and advocacy campaigns and how it is impacting communities across the U.S.

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From our work cleaning up our drinking water to holding the food industry accountable for its outsize impact on climate change, EWG is doubling down on our commitment to secure a sustainable future for our children.

Starting with creating a healthy planet.

  • We invite you to invest in EWG.
  • Invest in clean drinking water.
  • Invest in a sustainable food system.
  • Invest in healthy products.
  • Invest in the future of our planet.
  • Because the action we take today affects the world we live in tomorrow.

Thank you to our generous sponsors for supporting EWG’s Earth Day celebration – without you, our work would not be possible.

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