9 out of 10 Americans support labeling

A 2015 national survey found that nearly nine out of ten Americans—regardless of age, race, gender, income and party affiliation—support GMO food labeling. 

Conducted by The Mellman Group, the new survey found that overall, 88 percent of American voters said they support mandatory GMO labeling. Moreover, the survey found that large supermajority levels of support for requiring GMO labels transcend party lines, with 86 percent of Republicans and independents joining 93 percent of Democrats in support of GMO labels.

The overwhelming level of support for labels is not surprising in light of another finding: 87 percent of American voters say it is “important” that foods which have been genetically modified or contain genetically modified ingredients be labeled. This view is also widespread across party lines, with 90 percent of Democrats, 85 percent of Republicans, and 85 percent of independents in agreement on that point.

See the results of the national survey here.

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