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Board of Directors
and Staff

Board of Directors

  • Drummond Pike (Chair)
  • Ami Aronson
  • Rev. Sally Bingham
  • David Baker
  • Jennifer Caldwell
  • Ken Cook
  • Steven Damato
  • Melissa Hughes
  • Dr. Harvey Karp
  • Nina Montee Karp
  • Carol McDonnell
  • Bill Ross
  • Laura Turner Seydel
  • Francesca Vietor
  • Alicia Wittink

EWG Action Fund Board of Directors

  • Steven Damato
  • Robyn O'Brien
  • Heather White

Who We Are - Management

  • Ken Cook, President and Co-founder
  • Heather White, Chief of Staff and General Counsel
  • Craig Cox, Senior Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources.
  • Chris Campbell, Vice President for Information Technology
  • Scott Faber, Vice President for Government Affairs
  • Alex Formuzis, Vice President for Media Relations
  • Scott Mallan, Vice President for Finance and Chief Operating officer
  • Elaine Shannon, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher
  • Nils Bruzelius, Executive Editor and Vice President for Publications
  • Jocelyn Lyle, Director of Development
  • Renée Sharp, California Director and Senior Scientist
  • Chuq Yang, Director of Technology

Who We Are - Staff

  • Bill Allayaud, California Director of Government Affairs
  • Aman Anderson, Web Designer
  • David Andrews, PhD, Senior Scientist
  • Natalie Apcar, Administrative Assistant
  • Claudia Arango, Development Associate
  • Don Peterson Carr, Senior Advisor
  • Dean Clark, Web Developer
  • Johanna Congleton, MSPH, PhD, Senior Scientist
  • Thomas Cluderay, Assistant General Counsel
  • David DeGennaro, Legislative and Policy Analyst
  • Libby Foley, Administrative Assistant
  • Christina Frenzel, Digital Media Manager
  • Sean Gray, MS, Senior Analyst
  • Kari Hamerschlag, Senior Food and Agriculture Analyst
  • Dusty Horwitt, JD, Senior Counsel
  • Andrew Hug, Analyst
  • Colleen Hutchings, Deputy Director of Online Fundraising
  • Emily Ion Kosuge, Marketing Specialist
  • Nneka Leiba, M.Phil., MPH, Senior Analyst
  • Brett Lorenzen, Mississippi River Project Coordinator
  • Sonya Lunder, MPH, Senior Analyst
  • Bobbie Manning, Environmental Health Outreach Coordinator
  • Ashley Mccormack, Executive Assistant to the President
  • Nicole Oliver, MBA, Foundation Coordinator
  • J. Paul Pestano, Research Analyst
  • Jason C. Rano, Director of Government Affairs
  • Alex Rindler, Policy Associate
  • Soren Rundquist, Landscape and Remote Sensing Analyst
  • Sara Sciammacco, Director of Communications
  • Rebecca Sutton, PhD, Senior Scientist
  • Dawn Undurraga, MS, RD, Nutritionist
  • Taylan "Ty" Yalniz, Web Designer