EWG's Tap Water Database — 2021 UPDATE

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What About Lead?

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According to EWG’s analysis of 2019 lead testing results, this utility complied with federal water quality regulations for lead. Under the federal Lead and Copper Rule, lead concentrations must be below 15 parts per billion (ppb) in 90 percent of households sampled. If this legal limit is exceeded, the water utility must apply measures to control lead leaching from water pipes.

Number of lead samples taken in 2019: 202

Highest level detected in 2019: 1.0 ppb

Levels of lead detected

Complying with the EPA's lead rules doesn't mean that the water is safe for children to drink. The EPA’s recent modeling suggests that lead concentrations in the 3.8 to 15 ppb range can put a formula-fed baby at risk of elevated blood lead levels. In 2009, the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment set a public health goal level of 0.2 ppb for lead in drinking water to protect against even subtle IQ loss in children.

Lead Results, 2019

Samples in red indicate that the sample is above the EPA action level.

DateLab IDResult
2019-05-07PB 2005308151.000 ppb
2019-05-08PB 2005312991.000 ppb
2019-05-08PB 2005313011.000 ppb
2019-01-02PB 200517169ND
2019-01-02PB 200517172ND
2019-01-02PB 200517170ND
2019-01-02PB 200517171ND
2019-01-02PB 200517139ND
2019-01-02PB 200517140ND
2019-01-02PB 200517173ND
2019-01-02PB 200517141ND
2019-01-03PB 200517397ND
2019-01-03PB 200517398ND
2019-01-14PB 200518523ND
2019-01-15PB 200518656ND
2019-01-15PB 200518659ND
2019-01-15PB 200518657ND
2019-01-15PB 200518658ND
2019-01-15PB 200518638ND
2019-01-15PB 200518639ND
2019-01-15PB 200518660ND
2019-01-15PB 200518670ND
2019-01-15PB 200518671ND
2019-01-28PB 200519692ND
2019-01-29PB 200519790ND
2019-01-29PB 200519793ND
2019-01-29PB 200519791ND
2019-01-29PB 200519792ND
2019-01-29PB 200519776ND
2019-01-29PB 200519777ND
2019-01-29PB 200519794ND
2019-01-29PB 200519788ND
2019-01-29PB 200519789ND
2019-02-11PB 200521263ND
2019-02-12PB 200521316ND
2019-02-12PB 200521319ND
2019-02-12PB 200521317ND
2019-02-12PB 200521318ND
2019-02-12PB 200521301ND
2019-02-12PB 200521302ND
2019-02-12PB 200521320ND
2019-02-12PB 200521330ND
2019-02-12PB 200521331ND
2019-02-25PB 200522627ND
2019-02-26PB 200522740ND
2019-02-26PB 200522741ND
2019-02-26PB 200522742ND
2019-02-26PB 200522723ND
2019-02-26PB 200522724ND
2019-02-26PB 200522744ND
2019-02-26PB 200522757ND
2019-02-26PB 200522758ND
2019-02-27PB 200522881ND
2019-03-11PB 200524118ND
2019-03-12PB 200524209ND
2019-03-12PB 200524210ND
2019-03-12PB 200524211ND
2019-03-12PB 200524206ND
2019-03-12PB 200524213ND
2019-03-12PB 200524238ND
2019-03-12PB 200524239ND
2019-03-13PB 200524487ND
2019-03-13PB 200524485ND
2019-03-18PB 200524906ND
2019-03-18PB 200524907ND
2019-03-18PB 200524924ND
2019-03-18PB 200524925ND
2019-03-18IOCR 200524896ND
2019-03-18IOCR 200524903ND
2019-03-18IOCR 200524901ND
2019-03-18IOCR 200524902ND
2019-03-18IOCR 200524905ND
2019-03-18IOCR 200524900ND
2019-03-19IOCR 200525095ND
2019-03-19PB 200525063ND
2019-03-19PB 200525081ND
2019-03-19PB 200525082ND
2019-03-19PB 200525083ND
2019-03-19PB 200525084ND
2019-03-19PB 200525093ND
2019-03-19PB 200525094ND
2019-03-19IOCR 200525065ND
2019-03-19IOCR 200525066ND
2019-03-19IOCR 200525064ND
2019-03-19IOCR 200525096ND
2019-03-19IOCR 200525079ND
2019-03-19IOCR 200525080ND
2019-03-19IOCR 200525062ND
2019-03-20PB 200525335ND
2019-03-20PB 200525336ND
2019-03-20PB 200525337ND
2019-03-20PB 200525338ND
2019-03-20PB 200525339ND
2019-03-20PB 200525352ND
2019-03-20PB 200525353ND
2019-03-20PB 200525354ND
2019-03-21PB 200525497ND
2019-03-21PB 200525498ND
2019-03-21PB 200525499ND
2019-03-21PB 200525500ND
2019-03-21PB 200525515ND
2019-03-21PB 200525516ND
2019-03-21PB 200525518ND
2019-03-25PB 200525669ND
2019-03-25PB 200525685ND
2019-03-26PB 200525792ND
2019-03-26PB 200525795ND
2019-03-26PB 200525793ND
2019-03-26PB 200525794ND
2019-03-26PB 200525787ND
2019-03-26PB 200525788ND
2019-03-26PB 200525796ND
2019-03-26PB 200525822ND
2019-03-26PB 200525823ND
2019-04-08PB 200527426ND
2019-04-09PB 200527521ND
2019-04-09PB 200527524ND
2019-04-09PB 200527522ND
2019-04-09PB 200527518ND
2019-04-09PB 200527519ND
2019-04-09PB 200527525ND
2019-04-09PB 200527550ND
2019-04-09PB 200527551ND
2019-04-12PB 200528198ND
2019-04-23PB 200529080ND
2019-04-23PB 200529081ND
2019-04-23PB 200529082ND
2019-04-23PB 200529077ND
2019-04-23PB 200529078ND
2019-04-23PB 200529084ND
2019-04-23PB 200529106ND
2019-04-23PB 200529107ND
2019-04-24PB 200529319ND
2019-04-25PB 200529522ND
2019-05-06PB 200530584ND
2019-05-07PB 200530814ND
2019-05-07PB 200530817ND
2019-05-07PB 200530816ND
2019-05-07PB 200530797ND
2019-05-07PB 200530798ND
2019-05-07PB 200530818ND
2019-05-07PB 200530830ND
2019-05-08IOCR 200531303ND
2019-05-20PB 200532824ND
2019-05-21PB 200532947ND
2019-05-21PB 200532950ND
2019-05-21PB 200532948ND
2019-05-21PB 200532949ND
2019-05-21PB 200532931ND
2019-05-21PB 200532932ND
2019-05-21PB 200532951ND
2019-05-21PB 200532975ND
2019-05-21PB 200532976ND
2019-06-03PB 200534338ND
2019-06-04PB 200534509ND
2019-06-04PB 200534512ND
2019-06-04PB 200534510ND
2019-06-04PB 200534511ND
2019-06-04PB 200534505ND
2019-06-04PB 200534506ND
2019-06-04PB 200534513ND
2019-06-04PB 200534543ND
2019-06-04PB 200534542ND
2019-06-17PB 200536568ND
2019-06-17PB 200536578ND
2019-06-17PB 200536579ND
2019-06-18PB 200536737ND
2019-06-18PB 200536738ND
2019-06-18PB 200536739ND
2019-06-18PB 200536736ND
2019-06-18PB 200536735ND
2019-06-18PB 200536741ND
2019-06-24PB 200537370ND
2019-06-24PB 200537371ND
2019-06-24PB 200537372ND
2019-06-24PB 200537373ND
2019-06-24PB 200537392ND
2019-06-24PB 200537393ND
2019-06-25PB 200537584ND
2019-06-25PB 200537605ND
2019-06-25PB 200537606ND
2019-06-25PB 200537607ND
2019-06-25PB 200537608ND
2019-06-25PB 200537603ND
2019-06-25PB 200537604ND
2019-06-25PB 200537622ND
2019-06-25PB 200537623ND
2019-06-26PB 200537840ND
2019-06-26PB 200537841ND
2019-06-26PB 200537842ND
2019-06-26PB 200537843ND
2019-06-26PB 200537844ND
2019-06-26PB 200537858ND
2019-06-26PB 200537859ND
2019-06-26PB 200537860ND
2019-06-27PB 200538038ND
2019-06-27PB 200538039ND
2019-06-27PB 200538041ND
2019-06-27PB 200538056ND
2019-06-27PB 200538057ND
2019-06-27PB 200538058ND
2019-06-27PB 200538059ND

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