EWG's Tap Water Database — 2019 UPDATE




NOTE: Belton purchases water from Kansas City which is required to test for molybdenum. Sample information shown below was taken by Kansas City.

Molybdenum is a metal that occurs naturally in soil, minerals and water. People who ingest large amounts can have increased levels of uric acid and gout-like symptoms.





Samples exceeding legal limit (MCL)


Samples exceeding
health guidelines

Testing results - average by year

YearAverage resultSamples takenDetectionsRange of results
20123.17 ppb12122.00 ppb - 4.00 ppb
20133.07 ppb662.51 ppb - 3.34 ppb
20142.84 ppb442.76 ppb - 2.94 ppb
20153.08 ppb12122.00 ppb - 4.00 ppb
20162.83 ppb12122.00 ppb - 4.00 ppb
20173.00 ppb663.00 ppb

ppb = parts per billion

State and national drinking water standards and health guidelines

EWG Health Guideline 40 ppb

The EWG Health Guideline of 40 ppb for molybdenum was defined by the Environmental Protection Agency as a benchmark for testing under the Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule program. This health guideline protects against metabolic changes and excess formation of uric acid in the blood.

ppb = parts per billion

All test results

NOTE: Belton purchases water from Kansas City which is required to test for molybdenum. Sample information shown below was taken by Kansas City.

Date Lab ID Result
2012-01-31C07759A3.00 ppb
2012-02-29C11382A3.00 ppb
2012-03-31C15743A3.00 ppb
2012-04-30C19112A3.00 ppb
2012-05-31C23190A3.00 ppb
2012-07-02C27465A3.00 ppb
2012-07-31C31664A4.00 ppb
2012-08-31C36246A4.00 ppb
2012-09-30C40025A4.00 ppb
2012-10-31C43881A3.00 ppb
2012-11-30C48533A2.00 ppb
2012-12-31C52447A3.00 ppb
2013-01-31C564013.00 ppb
2013-02-28C598963.00 ppb
2013-03-27AB946302.82 ppb
2013-03-28AB946282.72 ppb
2013-03-31C639963.00 ppb
2013-05-01C686323.00 ppb
2013-05-29AB973343.24 ppb
2013-05-29AB973323.16 ppb
2013-05-31C720833.00 ppb
2013-06-30C768233.00 ppb
2013-07-31C803964.00 ppb
2013-08-21AC089322.99 ppb
2013-08-22AC089343.01 ppb
2013-08-31C837854.00 ppb
2013-09-30C875714.00 ppb
2013-10-31C930634.00 ppb
2013-11-20AC149273.15 ppb
2013-11-20AC149253.44 ppb
2013-12-02C954247.00 ppb
2013-12-31D001016.00 ppb
2014-01-31D036224.00 ppb
2014-02-19AC191132.78 ppb
2014-02-19AC191152.91 ppb
2014-02-28D070054.00 ppb
2014-04-02D112864.00 ppb
2014-04-30D159714.00 ppb
2014-05-31D190795.00 ppb
2014-06-30D246514.00 ppb
2014-07-31D268404.00 ppb
2014-08-31D309845.00 ppb
2014-09-30D347834.00 ppb
2014-10-31D383553.00 ppb
2014-11-30D429333.00 ppb
2014-12-31D481184.00 ppb
2015-01-31D517153.00 ppb
2015-02-28D542343.00 ppb
2015-03-31D575983.00 ppb
2015-04-30D616483.00 ppb
2015-05-31D658703.00 ppb
2015-06-30D713424.00 ppb
2015-07-31D759823.00 ppb
2015-08-31D792543.00 ppb
2015-09-30D817124.00 ppb
2015-10-31D878583.00 ppb
2015-11-30D898583.00 ppb
2015-12-31D941882.00 ppb
2016-01-31D977893.00 ppb
2016-02-29E013582.00 ppb
2016-03-31E051102.00 ppb
2016-04-30E092373.00 ppb
2016-05-31E132193.00 ppb
2016-06-30E187693.00 ppb
2016-07-31E213172.00 ppb
2016-09-01E254524.00 ppb
2016-09-30E298003.00 ppb
2016-11-01E334293.00 ppb
2016-12-01E373002.00 ppb
2016-12-31E447234.00 ppb
2017-01-31E451993.00 ppb
2017-02-28E499863.00 ppb
2017-03-31E525223.00 ppb
2017-04-30E567113.00 ppb
2017-06-01E607603.00 ppb
2017-06-30E663133.00 ppb