EWG's Tap Water Database — 2021 UPDATE



Status: No national drinking water standard exists


n-Propylbenzene is a constituent of petroleum and coal, used for chemical manufacturing and in textile dyeing and printing.




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Health concerns for n-propylbenzene

Harm to the central nervous system

Eye and skin irritation

States reporting n-propylbenzene in drinking water

State UtilitiesPeople Served
New York1111,242

Filtering technologies that reduce n-propylbenzene

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Activated Carbon

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Reverse Osmosis

Utilities with the highest amounts of n-propylbenzene, 2017-2019

UtilityLocationTestsAverage levelPeople served
Quinton Park SubdivisionNew Kent, VA2 of 21.60 ppb147
Central Garage Water SystemKing William, VA1 of 11.20 ppb2,100
Hudson Water SupplyHudson, IA4 of 41.13 ppb2,282
Murray, Village ofMurray, NE1 of 21.10 ppb462
Panora Water WorksPanora, IA2 of 20.900 ppb1,272
Kilmarnock, Town ofKilmarnock, VA1 of 10.800 ppb1,487
Wayland Water SupplyWayland, IA1 of 10.800 ppb966
FairleeChestertown, MD1 of 20.700 ppb725
ParrottParrott, GA1 of 90.689 ppb234
Carl Junction PWSCarl Junction, MO2 of 160.663 ppb7,445
Roland Water SupplyRoland, IA1 of 10.600 ppb1,284
Ainsworth Water WorksAinsworth, IA1 of 10.600 ppb567
Peshtigo WaterworksPeshtigo, WI1 of 10.540 ppb3,449
Callender Water SupplyFort Dodge, IA1 of 10.500 ppb376
Ausable Heights Water SystemKeeseville, NY1 of 10.500 ppb46
City of Mount CalmMount Calm, TX1 of 50.440 ppb447
Scottville, City ofScottville, MI8 of 100.400 ppb1,214
Shawano Co. UtilityShawano, WI7 of 70.343 ppb100
Coloma WaterworksColoma, WI1 of 10.320 ppb454
Oaklawn AcademyEdgerton, WI2 of 20.310 ppb320
Deer Butte SubdivisionAustin, TX2 of 60.298 ppb213
Peace of Mind EstatesSpringfield, MO1 of 20.260 ppb60
Ellsworth WaterworksEllsworth, WI1 of 10.260 ppb3,304
Pound WaterworksPound, WI1 of 10.260 ppb377
Waterville Fire District 1Waterville, VT3 of 550.228 ppb84
City Of Nevada CityNevada City, CA1 of 30.170 ppb3,001
Chesapeake Ranch EstatesLusby, MD1 of 30.170 ppb8,500
BigelowBigelow, MN1 of 30.167 ppb235
Osceola Rural Water System-north*May City, IA1 of 30.167 ppb4,337
Melvin WaterworksSibley, IA1 of 30.167 ppb214
Harris Water SupplySibley, IA1 of 30.167 ppb170
Ashton Municipal Water DepartmentAshton, IA1 of 30.167 ppb468
Little Rock Water SupplyLittle Rock, IA1 of 30.167 ppb461
Lake Park Country Club DriveLake Park, IA1 of 30.167 ppb84
Lake Park Municipal UtilitiesLake Park, IA1 of 30.167 ppb1,026
Sibley Public Water SupplySibley, IA1 of 30.167 ppb2,808
OstranderOstrander, MN1 of 50.162 ppb256
Verona Special Utility DistrictBlue Ridge, TX1 of 150.154 ppb2,967
City of WeinertWeinert, TX1 of 60.143 ppb162
Mountain Falls Water System GbwcPahrump, NV1 of 40.140 ppb1,718
Cape Girardeau County Public Water Supply District 4Cape Girardeau, MO1 of 40.128 ppb1,575
Butterfield PWSButterfield, MO1 of 40.128 ppb470
Cedar City WaterworksCedar City, UT1 of 110.127 ppb31,223
Perry Center Water DistrictPerry, NY1 of 40.125 ppb150
Gardeau Water DistrictCastile, NY1 of 40.125 ppb60
Silver Lake Institute - Castile Water District #1, NY1 of 40.125 ppb440
Perry Village*, NY1 of 40.125 ppb4,348
Duval County Crd BenavidesBenavides, TX1 of 130.115 ppb1,362
Tx Airstream Harbor WaterZavalla, TX1 of 60.110 ppb174
Marilee ElmontCelina, TX1 of 180.108 ppb1,830

* This water utility supplies finished drinking water to at least one other water utility. The purchasing utility is not required to test for or report n-Propylbenzene, but it likely has the contaminant in its water supply.

UtilityLocationTestsAverage levelPeople served
Cedar City WaterworksCedar City, UT1 of 110.127 ppb31,223
South Norwalk Electric and Water*Wilton, CT1 of 60.1000 ppb42,000
US Army Aviation and Missile CommandRedstone Arsenal, AL2 of 110.0895 ppb38,700
City of CleburneCleburne, TX1 of 370.0781 ppb30,573
West Sound Utility District #1Port Orchard, WA3 of 240.0750 ppb19,117
Porter SUD*Porter, TX1 of 310.0581 ppb15,892
Larchmont UtilitiesSavannah, GA1 of 410.0210 ppb11,799
Wallingford Water DepartmentWallingford, CT1 of 350.0143 ppb37,267
EdinaEdina, MN1 of 580.0126 ppb49,050

* This water utility supplies finished drinking water to at least one other water utility. The purchasing utility is not required to test for or report n-Propylbenzene, but it likely has the contaminant in its water supply.