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Bromochloroacetic acid

Status: No national drinking water standard exists


Bromochloroacetic acid is formed when chlorine or other disinfectants are used to treat drinking water. Bromochloroacetic acid and other disinfection byproducts increase the risk of cancer and may cause problems during pregnancy.




states detected


utilities detected

52 million

people served


states over health guideline


utilities over health guideline

52 million

people served over health guideline

Health concerns for bromochloroacetic acid


Change to fetal growth and development

State and national drinking water standards and health guidelines

EWG Health Guideline 0.02 ppb

The EWG Health Guideline of 0.02 ppb for bromochloroacetic acid was defined in a peer-reviewed scientific study by EWG and represents a on-in-a-million lifetime cancer risk level. This health guideline protects against cancer.

ppb = parts per billion

States reporting bromochloroacetic acid in drinking water

State UtilitiesPeople Served UtilitiesPeople Served
New York491,282,109491,282,109
District Of Columbia4664,5724664,572
New Hampshire11,50011,500
North Dakota11101110

Filtering technologies that reduce bromochloroacetic acid

carbon filter icon

Activated Carbon

reverse osmosis icon

Reverse Osmosis

Utilities with the highest amounts of bromochloroacetic acid, 2015-2017

UtilityLocationTestsAverage levelPeople served
Snyder Public Works Authority*Snyder, OK2 of 227.7 ppb1,509
Millersview-doole Water Supply Corporation*Millersview, TX24 of 2426.5 ppb3,987
Lakewood Water SystemLufkin, TX12 of 1224.0 ppb42
Mountain Park Public Works AuthorityMountain Park, OK7 of 723.7 ppb473
Walnut Ridge Estates Water SystemZavalla, TX11 of 1222.5 ppb178
City of Paint RockPaint Rock, TX12 of 1221.5 ppb247
City of Beeville*Beeville, TX48 of 4821.0 ppb15,039
Rowena Water Supply CorporationRowena, TX12 of 1221.0 ppb480
City of Rio HondoRio Hondo, TX17 of 1720.7 ppb2,400
Anthony Harbor SubdivisionLufkin, TX12 of 1220.0 ppb109
Coke County Water Supply CorporationRobert Lee, TX24 of 2419.8 ppb523
La Playa Subdivision Water SystemKirbyville, TX6 of 619.3 ppb59
City of MegargelMegargel, TX12 of 1218.9 ppb205
Ryan Utilities AuthorityRyan, OK22 of 2218.8 ppb800
Rra Foard County Water SystemWichita Falls, TX12 of 1218.6 ppb120
Tx Airstream Harbor Water*Zavalla, TX12 of 1218.4 ppb174
City of WeinertWeinert, TX1 of 118.0 ppb208
Comanche County Rural Water District #4*Cache, OK10 of 1017.6 ppb3,000
City of Dublin*Dublin, TX24 of 2417.4 ppb3,600
City of LuedersLueders, TX22 of 2417.3 ppb525
Powell Point Water SystemLufkin, TX12 of 1217.1 ppb349
RidgecrestPflugerville, TX19 of 2017.1 ppb1,617
City of Crowell*Crowell, TX20 of 2017.0 ppb948
Sierra Country ClubOak Harbor, WA12 of 1217.0 ppb355
City of GormanGorman, TX17 of 1816.9 ppb1,083
Sun N Fun AssociationZavalla, TX12 of 1216.9 ppb77
Rra Preston Shores Water System*Wichita Falls, TX24 of 2416.8 ppb2,112
Buena Vista Ws BurnetNavasota, TX12 of 1216.6 ppb366
Golden Acres Water CompanyAustin, TX11 of 1116.2 ppb189
City of Comanche*Comanche, TX24 of 2416.1 ppb4,335
Ericksdahl Water Supply CorporationStamford, TX24 of 2415.7 ppb275
Fort Belknap Water Supply Corporation*Graham, TX23 of 2415.7 ppb5,235
City of ObrienO Brien, TX11 of 1115.6 ppb101
La Salle Water Control and Improvement District 1-aPort Lavaca, TX12 of 1215.1 ppb261
Rra New Goodlett Water SystemWichita Falls, TX3 of 314.8 ppb13
Coleman County Special Utility DistrictColeman, TX24 of 2414.7 ppb5,000
Upper Leon River Municipal Water District*Comanche, TX12 of 1214.6 ppb2,712
City of Agua DulceAgua Dulce, TX14 of 1414.5 ppb999
Graham East Water Supply CorporationGraham, TX17 of 1714.3 ppb694
City of Coleman*Coleman, TX24 of 2414.3 ppb4,709
City of BreckenridgeBreckenridge, TX24 of 2414.3 ppb5,800
West Wise Special Utility District*Bridgeport, TX22 of 2414.2 ppb3,354
Milligan Water Supply CorporationMckinney, TX12 of 1214.2 ppb3,234
City of BrysonBryson, TX17 of 1714.1 ppb540
City of Knox CityKnox City, TX24 of 2414.1 ppb1,100
City of De LeonDe Leon, TX17 of 1714.0 ppb2,246
Nueces County Water Control and Improvement District 5Banquete, TX12 of 1214.0 ppb900
City of NewcastleNewcastle, TX12 of 1213.9 ppb585
Southern Acres Water SystemPflugerville, TX1 of 113.8 ppb27
Silverton Municipal Water SystemSilverton, TX23 of 2413.8 ppb731

* This water utility supplies finished drinking water to at least one other water utility. The purchasing utility is not required to test for or report Bromochloroacetic acid, but it likely has the contaminant in its water supply.

UtilityLocationTestsAverage levelPeople served
City of Beeville*Beeville, TX48 of 4821.0 ppb15,039
Nueces County WCID 4Port Aransas, TX48 of 4813.3 ppb11,403
City of Rockport*Rockport, TX48 of 4813.0 ppb26,450
City of Weatherford*Weatherford, TX48 of 4812.4 ppb26,428
City of Alice*Alice, TX48 of 4812.3 ppb25,263
City of Corpus Christi*Corpus Christi, TX144 of 14412.1 ppb325,733
Brookesmith Special Utility District*Brownwood, TX28 of 2812.0 ppb11,289
City of Temple*Temple, TX96 of 9611.5 ppb69,180
City of LampasasLampasas, TX24 of 2411.3 ppb10,236
City of Laredo*Laredo, TX96 of 9611.2 ppb259,113
Nueces County WCID 3*Robstown, TX48 of 4811.1 ppb14,607
City of PortlandPortland, TX48 of 4811.0 ppb20,000
Duncan Public Utilities Authority*Duncan, OK48 of 4810.8 ppb23,000
Marshall*Marshall, MO46 of 4610.7 ppb13,065
Kempner WSC*Kempner, TX47 of 4810.4 ppb17,031
City of Copperas Cove*Copperas Cove, TX48 of 4810.2 ppb33,919
City of Midlothian*Midlothian, TX48 of 4810.1 ppb16,728
Walnut Creek SUD*Springtown, TX48 of 4810.1 ppb23,807
City of Kerrville*Kerrville, TX48 of 4810.1 ppb22,907
City of Mineral Wells*Mineral Wells, TX48 of 489.88 ppb14,826
City of McKinney*Mckinney, TX96 of 969.81 ppb169,710
City of Port Lavaca*Port Lavaca, TX48 of 489.67 ppb12,248
Town of Little Elm*Little Elm, TX48 of 489.43 ppb31,355
City of WylieWylie, TX48 of 489.34 ppb41,043
East Fork SUDWylie, TX39 of 409.13 ppb13,596
Agua SUDMission, TX48 of 489.10 ppb46,950
City of RaymondvilleRaymondville, TX48 of 489.08 ppb11,288
City of Royse CityRoyse City, TX48 of 488.89 ppb11,988
City of DonnaDonna, TX45 of 488.87 ppb16,176
City of RichardsonRichardson, TX96 of 968.87 ppb104,300
City of MurphyMurphy, TX48 of 488.84 ppb19,850
City of Rio Grande City*Rio Grande City, TX48 of 488.71 ppb17,901
City of BrownwoodBrownwood, TX48 of 488.69 ppb18,965
Caddo Basin SUDGreenville, TX47 of 488.66 ppb11,691
City of Harker HeightsHarker Heights, TX48 of 488.66 ppb30,365
City of FateFate, TX40 of 408.56 ppb14,327
City of Azle*Azle, TX48 of 488.44 ppb11,800
City of Waxahachie*Waxahachie, TX48 of 488.43 ppb36,422
City of San BenitoSan Benito, TX47 of 478.31 ppb24,250
City of Gatesville*Gatesville, TX32 of 328.29 ppb14,430
Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District*Lake Elsinore, CA1 of 18.10 ppb142,264
City of Plano*Plano, TX144 of 1448.08 ppb277,720
City of AllenAllen, TX96 of 968.07 ppb93,528
City of Frisco*Frisco, TX96 of 968.05 ppb159,000
City of VictoriaVictoria, TX96 of 968.05 ppb62,592
City of Palestine*Palestine, TX48 of 488.01 ppb27,477
City of Rockwall*Rockwall, TX48 of 487.98 ppb40,620
Chickasha Municipal Authority*Chickasha, OK7 of 87.98 ppb16,036
City of Baytown*Baytown, TX96 of 967.92 ppb72,312
City of Weslaco*Weslaco, TX48 of 487.90 ppb32,092

* This water utility supplies finished drinking water to at least one other water utility. The purchasing utility is not required to test for or report Bromochloroacetic acid, but it likely has the contaminant in its water supply.