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Status: National drinking water standard exists


Beryllium is a toxic metal that is both naturally occurring and released into the environment from industrial pollution and incineration. Beryllium can damage lungs, bones and the digestive system.




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Health concerns for beryllium

Harm to the stomach and intestines

Harm to the lungs

Harm to bones

State and national drinking water standards and health guidelines

EWG Health Guideline 1 ppb

The EWG Health Guideline of 1 ppb for beryllium was defined by the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment as a public health goal, the level of a drinking water contaminant that does not pose a significant health risk. This health guideline protects against harm to the stomach and intestines.

EPA Maximum Contaminant
Level (MCL) 4 ppb

The legal limit for beryllium, established in 1992, was based on a toxicity study in laboratory animals published in 1970. This limit does not include any additional consideration of children’s health.

ppb = parts per billion

States reporting beryllium in drinking water

State UtilitiesPeople Served UtilitiesPeople Served
New Jersey0074871,585
New York241,00025478,647
South Carolina00673,717
Rhode Island00448,369
New Hampshire61,08295,049
North Carolina181181
New Mexico00145

Filtering technologies that reduce beryllium

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Reverse Osmosis

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Ion Exchange

Utilities with the highest amounts of beryllium, 2015-2017

UtilityLocationTestsAverage levelPeople served
Meadow View Trailer CourtPelham, NC6 of 64.50 ppb81
Bluebonnet Cove Mobile Home ParkRichardson, TX1 of 13.70 ppb69
Forest Park VillageMadison, NH12 of 123.65 ppb45
Dudley Carbon Coalmont Jm AuthorityDudley, PA1 of 13.59 ppb403
Bartlett PlaceGlen, NH12 of 123.51 ppb72
Windy Gap Mountain VillageRockville, VA3 of 33.11 ppb150
Orbisonia Rockhill Jt Municipal AuthorityOrbisonia, PA1 of 13.03 ppb1,200
Lyons Water UtilityLyons, IN1 of 13.00 ppb747
Bethany Crest LLCClarksville, DE1 of 12.90 ppb60
Michaux Manor Living CenterFayetteville, PA2 of 22.75 ppb73
Granite Dells Water CompanyPrescott, AZ1 of 12.60 ppb50
Town of Lecompte (lawco)Baton Rouge, LA4 of 42.45 ppb1,294
Hales LocationHales Location, NH11 of 122.19 ppb385
Oaklane Mobile Village LLCRoseville, CA1 of 12.00 ppb75
Yellowtail Dam Mk Upper SystemYellowtail, MT1 of 22.00 ppb40
Mid Valley EstatesCedar City, UT1 of 12.00 ppb750
North Yuba Water DistrictBrownsville, CA1 of 21.95 ppb3,105
Bittners Mobile Home ParkTrout Run, PA1 of 11.87 ppb100
Goodrich PropertyGlen, NH11 of 121.83 ppb175
Sunnybrook SubdivisionRockville, VA1 of 11.80 ppb53
Culvers Hill - North WebsterNappanee, IN5 of 101.68 ppb75
North LedgeGlen, NH10 of 121.67 ppb110
Linderhof Golf CourseIntervale, NH1 of 11.56 ppb295
Grier SchTyrone, PA3 of 31.54 ppb450
Long Beach CityLong Beach, NY201 of 2381.49 ppb35,000
Lacenter Municipal Water CompanyLacenter, KY1 of 11.40 ppb1,291
Lido-point Lookout Water DistrictEast Meadow, NY264 of 3011.28 ppb6,000
Broadtop City Water AuthorityBroad Top City, PA1 of 11.24 ppb350
Sports Haven Mobile Home ParkBelchertown, MA1 of 11.20 ppb107
Long Barn Property OwnersLong Barn, CA2 of 31.13 ppb567
Country Estates Mobile Home ParkKennerdell, PA1 of 11.10 ppb90
Selinsgrove CenterSelinsgrove, PA1 of 21.07 ppb1,280
Ancones MdwwcaLa Madera, NM1 of 21.000 ppb45
Morningside Mobilehome ParkModesto, CA1 of 21.000 ppb67
Mountainside On AttitashGlen, NH1 of 11.000 ppb167
SpencerSpencer, OK1 of 41.000 ppb3,746
Sandy Hook Water DistrictSandy Hook, KY1 of 11.000 ppb3,528
Lindon CityPleasant Grove, UT1 of 11.000 ppb10,500
Cedar Creek Mobile Home ParkHebron, IN1 of 11.000 ppb150
Rough & Ready Mobilehome VillageChowchilla, CA1 of 10.980 ppb200
Mary Hill Park Sanitary DistrictFond Du Lac, WI1 of 10.900 ppb88
Sussex Manor Mobile Home ParkDagsboro, DE1 of 10.900 ppb49
Hillside VillageNewton, NJ1 of 10.830 ppb75
Waterville Valley Water DistrictWaterville Valley, NH3 of 50.800 ppb3,050
West Hwy 80 Ark Road WSWest Monroe, LA2 of 80.750 ppb13,386
Arlington WaterworksArlington, WI2 of 20.740 ppb823
Maysville, Town ofSumter, SC1 of 20.700 ppb983
Gander WoodsDover, DE1 of 10.700 ppb42
Buckfield Village CorporationBuckfield, ME1 of 30.700 ppb425
City of Holly HillHolly Hill, FL1 of 10.700 ppb13,437
UtilityLocationTestsAverage levelPeople served
Long Beach CityLong Beach, NY201 of 2381.49 ppb35,000
Lindon CityPleasant Grove, UT1 of 11.000 ppb10,500
West Hwy 80 Ark Road WSWest Monroe, LA2 of 80.750 ppb13,386
City of Holly HillHolly Hill, FL1 of 10.700 ppb13,437
Willingboro MUA*Willingboro, NJ2 of 40.575 ppb35,000
High HillsDalzell, SC1 of 20.550 ppb11,357
Delray Beach Water Department*Delray Beach, FL1 of 10.500 ppb60,200
Bordentown Water Departm*Bordentown, NJ1 of 10.490 ppb15,821
North Marshall Water District #1Benton, KY2 of 20.475 ppb16,276
Moorestown Water DepartmentMoorestown, NJ1 of 20.365 ppb20,700
Hill Air Force Base*Layton, UT1 of 130.308 ppb25,000
Beaver Dam Water UtilityBeaver Dam, WI1 of 10.300 ppb16,200
WA of Great Neck NorthGreat Neck, NY1 of 340.294 ppb31,400
Eunice Water System (LAWCO)Baton Rouge, LA2 of 80.250 ppb15,753
City of Sumter*Sumter, SC1 of 50.200 ppb53,122
City of Winter ParkWinter Park, FL1 of 30.200 ppb82,984
Winchester Municipal Utilities*Winchester, KY1 of 30.183 ppb32,213
St Charles Water District 2 West BankLuling, LA2 of 60.170 ppb31,485
City of Havre De Grace*Havre De Grace, MD1 of 30.167 ppb14,000
Massena VillageMassena, NY1 of 30.167 ppb15,387
Okeechobee Utility AuthorityOkeechobee, FL1 of 30.167 ppb20,000
Aqua NJ - Hamilton Square*Hamilton, NJ4 of 140.162 ppb39,128
Burlington Twp W DepartmentBurlington, NJ2 of 30.120 ppb22,594
Monroe Township Utility DepartmentMonroe Township, NJ1 of 60.100 ppb33,402
Pawc Pocono DistrictTobyhanna, PA1 of 90.1000 ppb19,875
Southwest/Polk County UtilityLakeland, FL1 of 30.1000 ppb39,209
Taylorsville-Bennion Improvement DistrictSalt Lake City, UT1 of 290.0690 ppb70,001
Paris Water Works*Paris, KY1 of 30.0667 ppb14,479
Fernandina Beach WTPFernandina Beach, FL1 of 30.0667 ppb16,000
City of MaitlandMaitland, FL1 of 30.0667 ppb13,268
Dover Water Commission*Dover, NJ1 of 20.0555 ppb27,806
Montville Twp MUA*Montville, NJ2 of 20.0540 ppb22,000
Montclair Water Bureau*Montclair, NJ1 of 10.0520 ppb37,669
Gadsden County Regional WSQuincy, FL2 of 80.0500 ppb12,852
Murray Water System*Murray, KY1 of 10.0500 ppb25,544
CTWC - Shoreline Region-Guilford SystemClinton, CT1 of 90.0444 ppb33,197
Villages of Lake - Sumter - WTPs 1 3 & 5The Villages, FL1 of 70.0429 ppb24,533
Lee County Utilities*Fort Myers, FL1 of 70.0429 ppb236,944
Monroe Twp MUAWilliamstown, NJ3 of 70.0413 ppb36,100
CentralWinter Haven, FL1 of 50.0400 ppb13,595
Wallingford Water DepartmentWallingford, CT2 of 50.0400 ppb37,267
Oak Run EstatesOcala, FL1 of 60.0333 ppb11,788
Lawrenceburg Water & Sewer Department*Lawrenceburg, KY1 of 30.0333 ppb19,305
Fort Drum*Fort Drum, NY1 of 60.0333 ppb34,400
Miramar (East & West) PlantsMiramar, FL1 of 60.0333 ppb128,729
Westerly Water DepartmentWesterly, RI1 of 120.0250 ppb38,000
Nicholasville Water Department*Nicholasville, KY1 of 40.0250 ppb34,253
McCreary County Water District*Whitley City, KY1 of 60.0167 ppb17,532
North Brunswick W Department*Somerset, NJ1 of 30.0167 ppb41,000
Vineland Water & Sewer UtilityVineland, NJ3 of 120.0154 ppb36,250

* This water utility supplies finished drinking water to at least one other water utility. The purchasing utility is not required to test for or report Beryllium, but it likely has the contaminant in its water supply.