Across wide swaths of Iowa and other Corn Belt states, the rich, dark soil that made this region the nation’s breadbasket is being swept away at rates many times higher than official estimates.

That is the disturbing picture revealed by new techniques that track soil erosion with unprecedented precision. Read More

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SOIL LOSS BY THE NUMBERS A snapshot of the destructive impact of USDA’s unbalanced subsidy programs and policies
billion (1997-2009)

spent to boost all-out
production in farm states

billion (1997-2009)

spent to protect
soil and water

million acres

of Iowa farmland lost dangerous amounts of soil in 2007


of soil loss is preventable by simple conservation measures

Losing Ground Video
FROM THE AIR – The Toll of Erosion
Aerial Footage
The Report
Compelling new evidence shows that soil erosion and runoff from cropland is far worse than conventional estimates suggest.
Regional and statewide measures of “average” soil erosion obscure the severe damage done to the land by each new storm.
It’s time to ensure that simple, traditional and effective conservation practices are in place everywhere.