New measurement techniques show that rich Iowa soil is being washed away far faster than regional averages suggest; major changes in farm policy and practices needed. Read More

New data produce a more detailed picture of the toll erosion takes and make clear that long-term averages obscure the reality of what happens storm after storm. Read More

An aerial survey after a single spring rainstorm reveals dramatic signs of erosion and water runoff channeled into ephemeral gullies in countless crop fields. Read More

Over a number of years, the amount of cropland that escapes damaging storm erosion gets smaller and smaller. Read More

A single storm produces enormous amounts of runoff, sending downstream a potent stew of sediment, pesticides, fertilizers, manure, bacteria and other pollutants. Read More

Real life experiments prove that simple measures such as planting filter strips of grass or trees in or along fields dramatically reduces runoff and erosion. Read More

It is essential to reverse federal policies that have encouraged fencerow-to-fencerow farm production and gutted enforcement of conservation requirements. Read More

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