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Be Natural Organics Pure Botanical Squalane Serum

Be Natural Organics Pure Botanical Squalane Serum


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EWG Verified Product

This product bears the EWG VERIFIED® mark, meaning that the product meets EWG’s strictest standards for health and safety. It avoids any of the ingredients on EWG’s “Unacceptable List” and provides full transparency of ingredients, including fragrance.

Ingredient List

The specific formulation has been reviewed by EWG scientists. At the time of verification, the ingredients in this formulation were used at a concentration below EWG’s health and safety limit, and therefore did not pose significant human health concerns. Click on an ingredient for more information.

Ingredients from packaging:

Pure olive squalane

Warnings from packaging:


EWG Verified

This product bears the EWG VERIFIEDTM mark - its formulation has been reviewed by EWG scientists, and the company behind the product has shown its ingredients meet all of the EWG’s strict criteria. When it was verified, the ingredients in this formulation did not pose significant human health concerns.


Product's animal testing policies

Some cosmetics companies have taken People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and Leaping Bunny animal-testing pledges. For consumers who are concerned about companies’ policies on animal testing, Skin Deep reports this information.

PETA Cruelty-free Companies

Companies that join the "Caring Consumer" program of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, a leading international animal rights advocacy organization, attest that "neither they nor their ingredient suppliers conduct or commission any animal tests on ingredients, formulations or finished products, and that they pledge not to do so in the future."


Understanding scores

Cosmetics and personal care products are not required to be tested for safety before being allowed on the market. The Skin Deep® scoring system was designed to help the public understand whether a product is safe to use or whether it contains ingredients of concern.

Every product and ingredient in Skin Deep gets a two-part score – one for hazard and one for data availability. The safest products score well by both measures, with a low hazard rating and a fair or better data availability rating.


Hazard score

The Skin Deep ingredient hazard score, from 1 to 10, reflects known and suspected hazards linked to the ingredients. The EWG VERIFIED® mark means a product meets EWG’s strictest criteria for transparency and health.

Score legend

EWG Verification Process

EWG Verified logo

An EWG VERIFIED® mark on a product indicates that the company’s ingredient disclosures show the product has met our full criteria to ensure it adheres to our standards for health.

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